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๐•ฅ๐• ๐•ก ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜ ๐”ป๐•š๐•ค๐•Ÿ๐•–๐•ช โ„๐•’๐•”๐•œ๐•ค: AND HOW TO SQUEEZE IN A WORKOUT ON VACATION

If you took the time to stop by here today, you are probably a DISNEY nerd like me or you are headed to the MAGIC KINGDOM soon.....

I'm here to share with you my Top 10 Disney World tips that I use when I book our vacation. We've always hit Disney (land and world) about every other year - It's just such a magical place and IT IS JUST HAPPY! Not only do I enjoy some of the rides and the through-backs to when I was a young little girl but it's the entire magical experience. If you take the time to NERD INTO THE MAGICAL PLACE - you would be shocked to find so many hidden treasures that most people don't even take the time to pay attention to. Walt knows, it's all in the small details! So be sure you actually take your time. Try not to rush your day and take the time to "stop and smell the roses" and find all the hidden treasures in every single park! It's all about the MAGICAL EXPERIENCE - not just the long lines for the rides!

And be sure to DRESS THE PART! If you don't have MICKEY EARS, be sure to grab a MOUSE T-SHIRT to bring out the KID IN YOU too! My favorite Magical shirts are the SPIRIT SHIRTS!!! They are a super light weight jersey (shown here in my photo) that can be great to wear in the cooler months (especially early morning when there is cloud coverage) and they are easy enough to tie around your waist if you get a little warm later on in the day. Then you've got something to throw back on when the sun sets and the fireworks happen! It's just perfect! Grab you a spirit jersey!!! You can find them in every gift shop at Disney or check out ebay and poshmark for a gently worn version to save you some cash.

I found this one too - click here!


So before we jump into this FAVORITE BLOG POST - be sure you are following me over on facebook and instagram for all of the stories from our Disney Adventures!!!

Ok, ready, let's get this MICKEY PARTY started!

#1 - When to go? Cheapest and least busiest time to go? First week of September! Less kids, less people, dead season (hurricane season)

and the week after Thanksgiving (United States)

#2 - Where do you stay? Most people like to stay on property - there are all types of great resorts that are valuable (reasonable priced)

or the best of the best are the ones like Fort Wilderness Lodge, The Beach Club - Our favorite is honestly the Swan and Dolphin that is quick access to the boardwalk and Epcot - they pipe White Tea smells thru the amazing Hotel and it's just THE TOP OF OUR LIST - it's just a family favorite!

If you stay on property you receive the magical express that takes care of your ride from airport and takes care of your luggage from airport to your room in Disney. How cool is that - you don't see your luggage until you arrive at your room - JUST ASK THE DISNEY RESORT HOW TO UTILIZE THIS COOL FEATURE!


if you have kids, here is a great packing tip - grab a DISNEY TOY and drop it in their luggage before you go (don't let them see it) and sprinkle some glitter (aka magic pixy dust) on it on it the suitcase and when they arrive to the hotel and open up their luggage - MAGICAL SURPRISE!!!!!


#3 - Get the Best Deal!!!!

To get the best price for your trip - book it as a bundle. Either thru your flight!!! Guess why? Your airline with booking hotel - you can get a free dining experience - everything is in one place and all on the app.

Check the calendar there are certain times of year that you can get FREE DINING PLAN.

For all of your DISNEY PLANNING - you can always call my friend Kristen - she is so kind and really is soooooo helpful if you are not sure how to plan your own vacation - you pay her ZERO - Disney pays her if you book your tickets thru her cupcake world so you have nothing to lose and so many cool perks to gain - go check out her FB page....

#4 - When do you visit each park? Let's say you are going in a busy time of year - You cannot avoid Disney just because it's gonna be busy. NO WAY!!!

Figure out which days you will be at which park. Get the hopper - if the park is busy - you can hop over to the water park OR Disney Springs - or another park! This takes away any stress and just allows your day to unfold freely - HOW FREAKING FUN!!! Get excited - HOP HOP HOP!!!!

Try to avoid Magic Kingdom on a Saturday or any long Holiday weekend!!! OR the Holiday Monday of a long weekend. A great place to go right now on those days is HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS! Not sure how long this tip will last but for now - it's the best plan.

All Disney property guests have an extra hour of the parks - either in the morning or in the evening - (extra magic hour days) SUPER COOL!!! Evenings are fun - sometimes it's open until 1AM.


#5 - Where to Eat? This is how to start your planning - book your dining reservations first. Figure it out breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you don't you will be winging it and these restaurants BOOK UP! You can do it last minute 2-3 hours before hand in the park from your app but booking in advance will make your trip more organized.

You can look at the menus in advance so you know what options you will have at your fingertips to stay on track during your vacation. I allow one FUN MICKEY TREAT PER PARK and I always pick my favorite TOP TOP ONE to look forward to that day.

I will def get in my workouts every single day while at Disney. I'll take my IPAD or laptop to the hotel gym and put in my wireless earbuds and HIT IT FOR :30 minutes every single morning - no excuses - I just do it - it's like brushing my teeth. This is how cool my workouts are - they stream online - I can save up to 7 on my phone and I never have to worry about what type of workout I can get it. It's there - easy to follow and BAM! I have energy and strength to push me thru the long Disney Days!!! It kicks off my day right - fyi - working out gives you more energy!!! You can try these workouts too CLICK HERE - THERE IS A 14 DAY FREE TRIAL IF YOU WANNA SEE FOR YOURSELF!!!

Lunch in Animal Kingdom is the best - especially for kids including college age - for pizza and a healthier flat bread make reservations at Pizzafari


#6 - Photo Ops!!!! Character photos are so much fun but you can check the character app for wear they are roaming around the park. Or you can book a character dining location and you can get VIP PHOTOS - your own photos with a bunch of characters right at your table. Character breakfast is a must if you have small children.

#7 - Get to the parks early - get there for opening time! Eat before you go and be there for opening!! Don't book FAST PASSES at 9am - book it when the park gets a little busier about 11-10 and 1 it will be necessary to have those passes!! Ride early then get FAST PASSES DONE LATER.

#8 - If you are celebrating a special event - THERE IS A FREE BUTTON - A PIN IF YOU ARE CELEBRATING BIRTHDAY - YOUR FIRST TRIP TO DISNEY, anniversary or wedding - You can actually get special treats wearing your button too!!!! Free popcorn, free desserts, etc. Pin it to your backpack! The buttons are usually at the front of the park right when you come in the gates to the left...If you cannot find a Cast Member, simply head over to Guest Relations at any of the Theme Parks and Disney Springs or City Hall at Magic Kingdom Park and the Cast Members there will gladly give you a button. Most Table-Service Dining Locations will have buttons for guests, all you need to do is ask!

#9 - Don't go "balls to the wall" first day - there is so much downtime stuff to enjoy and do - you will be exhausted!!! ENJOY IT - CHILL A LITTLE - If you have little one's, I suggest leaving for lunch 2pm-ish - go chill by the pool and then head back around 5pm. Tired, hot and grumpy is not fun. TAKE BREAKS mid day and don't rush thru everything - take your time, enjoy all aspects of Disney. Take it all in. Grab a Mickey treat and take a photo before you chow down on it - they are always sprinkled beautiful! BE A KID AGAIN - let yourself be young again!

The best memories are always the days that you totally don't expect the things to happen. They are the best. Go with the flow.

#10 - FIREWORKS!!!

Best place to watch the fireworks not in the park is from the Contemporary Hotel - go to top floor and go out on the balcony!! Great spots for Magic Kingdom fireworks.

--------one last tip - experience the fireworks in the best way ever. You can watch them from a yacht on the Bay Lake area. It's on our wish list! Super cool!!! It's called the fireworks cruise and I hope to book this for Hubby's BIG 50TH!! Wish us luck!

I hope you found this helpful - be sure you are subscribed so you don't miss all the other Disney related secrets coming soon.....xx H


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