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As I try not to stress about HURRICANE DELTA that is pretty much thinking it wants to hit our awesome little southern haven of Louisiana...... I found myself shopping online to get some FALL FAVORITES restocked and I thought, "ya know, i haven't done a video or blog post about these items in over a year"!

So, today, we are gonna take a little break from EVERYTHING and just hang out to chat about some really cool items you can get on AMAZON that are considered some of my MUST HAVES lately.

Please let me know if you like these blog posts as I'll try to do more like this and revamp my GOOD FINDS like I used to on my blog.....

Now let's get started....

  1. My first favorite finds is this amazing water bottle. It actually tells you exactly WHAT TIME you should be drinking and what level your water should be at. It takes all the guess work out and guess what - it has a strap!!! I never knew I needed this until I got it - now I just don't know how I managed to have a water bottle without a strap when on the's a gamechanger. SHOP HERE

2. Here is my favorite DUPE find for DESIGNER SUNGLASSES. They are just like the CHLOE' one's that cost $388 but OMG, check out these dupes and the price is under $15 - yep, they'll go fast though. All the GOOD SCORES like these go super grab you a pair SHOP HERE or SHOP HERE


3. My favorite NEW rockstar off the shoulder (or not) top: Yes, this is just like the one I found at Nordstrom for $188 and check out this price! It's super soft and long enough to cover the BUM BUM ....... SHOP STAR TOP HERE

all of the other items in this photo can be shopped here: COPY THE LOOK


4. Moving on to number 4...... My favorite Fall/Winter pom pom hat...let's be honest, it looks like Mickey Ears and it makes me happy! SHOP HERE

Ok, so you see my favorite pair of YOGA PANTS are these, I'm wearing them in two photos in the BLOG POST alone so let me link them for you. They are so worth every penny you invest in them. They suck everything in all the right places and they are just the BEST SHAPING pants ever. You can wear them casual style or even dress them up with a boot and sweater to get you thru every Holiday gathering & Party this season!!

BLACK with white stripe yoga pants SHOP HERE

Red Tennis shoes SHOP HERE

Disney Backpack SHOP HERE


5. ha ha ha - This one is going to be funny! It's this little gadget that actually cleans your microwave!! You add vinegar and water 1/2 and 1/2 and put in the microwave....start it up and it's a MAD MOMMA and omg HOW DID WE LIVE WITHOUT THIS LITTLE GADGET, super inexpensive too! SHOP HERE


6. Let's talk about ANTI-AGING things for our face that we can be doing on the daily. I posted all the links to everything I'm currently using (as I head out the door to go back to the dermatologist, i'll let you know if anything changes)..... click HERE to see the full list of items that are working great for me currently.

My new current fav is this vitamin c serum!!! It's truly making my skin more glowy and youthful IMO - SHOP HERE


OK, so those are my TOP FAVS that you can find by using the links provided, I truly appreciate you using my links that I supplied for you as it helps me get discounts for YOU that I will pass on as they drop in my INBOX just FOR YOU! Hey, we all love a discount right!! Bring on the codes....although these items are all priced very well and delivered to your front door in 2 days if you have PRIME - can't beat that......oh, the star top does take about 2 weeks to come in though......

Let me know what you get today and if this little shopping trip together helped DE-STRESS your mind for atleast a minute!

I've got links to all my favorite things, I truly take the time to help you out and share like friends do -THINGS THAT ARE FUN, and keep us MATURE LADIES feeling and looking younger and HAPPIER!! And that's what it's all about my friend!

Luv you, Heather


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