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Glitter U Blog / Revamped

Well, facebook is still my primary blog spot - but Glitter U blog has been long over due for some attention. Everything is always a work in progress - everything in LIFE! So here we are. Today - just weeks from my 47th birthday and I have about 2 hours until I have to prepare dinner for the family. I spent all day taking continuing education classes to maintain my Life & Health Louisiana Insurance license in order to renew - then....I felt the need to revamp and clean up my old BLOG! I logged back in to my deactivated account, deleted a bunch of old items from 2010 yes 2010!!!! Holy moly! Now to try and put some thoughts on the web- to share. With you! Updated things!!

I've deleted everything prior to this post on my blog (cleaned house per say) starting fresh! I posted my OOTD yesterday to IG and my facebook blog I'm loving my Urban Outfitters criss cross blouse in charcoal grey here Grey Criss Cross and my camo skinny pants

If you follow me on Snap chat (HummerDriver) you'll see how hectic my life actually is! Just like your i'm sure!

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