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Lady Tools.... & some of My other Essentials!


Outside of my love for all things summer, a few of my favorite things to shop are all shown in these posted photos...accessories, handbags and beauty items. Many of my daily go-to items are actually inexpensive yet great quality investments so I thought I'd share them with you today. I have tried lots of products (and still do - cough cough, always will), but I am not going to talk about those as much because I don't think they are worth the money or value. I don't want you all to be disappointed in whatever you get!!

1. A BLACK HAT ($18)

This hat was purchased a while ago and I paid a pretty penny for it, however the link gives you an option that is much more budget friendly and just as cute. It's simple, it's classic and it's a true statement piece. Although a wool floppy would seem winter only, I've pulled out a floppy fedora year round when the outfit calls for it. It's just that piece that should be in every hat lovers wardrobe.

I love love love this chunky cross necklace. I bought it from a local boutique and I just can't find another one identical which is driving me bonkers....I'm still on the hunt and will update my website as soon as I find the perfect ONE for you. The link I've provided is an awesome statement piece which gives the same WOW factor! Not an affiliate link at all, but I do love the website - check it all out! She plans to restock soon!

So at the beginning of the month I shared with you my tassel tote that I am loving and using pretty much as a carry all daily. It comes in other colors but I'm still loving the neutral camel color

Oh-em-geeeeeee... Y'all! This clutch is a staple for sure. I know you see it in most of my snaps and I just love it so much. Remember to order using this special coupon code to save yourself 10% "GlitterU". I get asked atleast twice a day where to find this clutch.

A must have for the pool/beach year after year for me! With a simple black bikini, a floppy hat and a leopard flip flop that can get wet pool side still makes for great classic style.

This color is the perfect daily color - day or evening! It's a repurchase for me - has been for years!

Number one GO TO makeup brush right here! You will have to see for yourself as to WHY!

I've shared this on snap and on my website a couple of times. I use several blenders but this one is the perfect shape and size - I have one in my to go makeup bag and one at home!


I honestly cannot say enough about this razor and the blades that come monthly saving me so much money. I used to spend $17 or more on razor refills alone - not anymore! This is the razor club (discussed in previous post if you search for razor) it is by far one of the smartest move my husband and I have ever done! Check it out - you will love this and it saves you so much wasted money on razors/blades....I promise you!

These can be found at target or anywhere really but I wanted to share a cute one to make life easier (i love the convenience of shopping online)

Another adorable option is this one - LEOPARD MAKEUP BAG ($14)

11. CHI FLAT IRON ($89)

This is a classic oldy but goody! I bought several since my first chi iron but I always came back to the original - always do. It just works best with my hair and doesn't break or burn it. You can see by the photo that my iron is old but it's still working like the day I bought it more than 10 years ago.......great investment!

My newest addition. If you have super thin, fine hair - this baby is gonna be your new best friend. It truly does help add volume. Reminds me of a crimping iron I used back in the day ha/ha. But you only crimp the hair underneath so it's a smooth finish! You can youtube this one for a review I'm sure. For me - it's a must have!!

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