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Self Tanning

Emotional morning for this momma! Both boys off to start their Senior and Sophmore year of high school. As they drove off, I fought back the tears remembering when they needed me to drive them everywhere and I was rushing out the door with them fixing their baby fine hair so every piece was perfectly in place in their crispy white school uniform shirts. Man oh man! Oh, breathe momma! It's gonna be ok! Soooooo, here I am going to work on my blog post this morning to distract me and to help you - right? RIGHT!! Then it's off to work!

Last night I snapped the tanning products i've used all summer. I promised to post them here with links so you too can create your own Tanning Caddy - to be used year round! Always exfoliate before self tanning and shave with a moisturizing lotion or Coconut Oil like I use! It's a great time to Dry Brush before self tanning too! Always wash your hands immediately after applying any self tanning even if you wear gloves!

Before self tanning - I always use my DRY BRUSH to brush toward the heart and shed dry skin...i use my MASSAGER BRUSH to help cellulite issues....then I shave with my WHITE RAZOR first using COCONUT OIL as my shaving cream. (all words in PINK are links to click on for your convenience)

Sun Self Tanner (dark) ($25)

Tanning Mit (applicator) ($8)

Wedges for toes and face (applicator) ($6.48)

Latex gloves (applicator) ($15.74)

Tanning Wipes (my favorite - so easy to apply) ($8.50)

JOIN MY RAZOR CLUB HERE - saves you $$$$ on razors! ($5)

Yesterday we celebrated our last official weekend of the summer. Of course I used my Cheetah Clutch - YOU KNOW THE ONE (use my coupon code "GlitterU")...wore my Stuart Weitzman Alex Wedges that I still get plenty of use out of. First saw those years ago on Jennifer Aniston and I knew I had to have them.....they were not cheap but I have gotten my dollars worth out of them, they are so comfortable and give me some height that I truly need! Yes, I could run in these wedges - SWEAR!!

The gold chain necklace I wore and wear often is VINTAGE. I bought it at a consignment shop many years ago and although it's discolored, I still wear it and still get plenty of compliments on it because it's such a unique statement piece. Starts many conversations. BLACK LACE SHORTS are a size large (i find they run small and I don't like these tight)..... GREEN OFF THE SHOULDER TOP is one of my favorite things in my closet! CHUNKY BLACK RING also a unique vintage find. I told you I like different things!! Consignment shops are a great place to find old vintage jewelry statement pieces!

I snapped about my GO TO eye shadow and makeup yesterday. I'll go ahead and post some links incase you want to create the same natural makeup look that I wear on a daily basis. It's simple and gives a little bit of a glow!

NARS MADLY BLUSH (I use as my shadow)


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