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Portion Control / Bowls

So I snapped and posted on my blog months ago about my special bowls. They simply help my brain understand portion control and serving size better. This in turn helps me maintain my current weight without overeating! Check out option #5 - I think it's my new favorite!! Snack time can be fun!!

Learn how to estimate serving sizes. 'Ballpark’ food portion sizes by estimating serving sizes in comparison to known objects...For example, three ounces of cooked meat, fish, or poultry is about the size of a deck of cards.” Other easy measurements to eyeball include:

  • ½ cup is the size of an ice cream scoop

  • 1 cup is the size of a tennis ball

  • 1 ounce of cheese is the size of a domino

Use portion control dishware. Pick out smaller plates, bowls, cups, and glassware in your kitchen and measure what they hold. You might find that a bowl you thought held 8 ounces of soup actually holds 16, meaning you’ve been eating twice what you planned.

The bowls I use seem to be out of stock at the moment - I will still link them for you here incase they ever restock! I will also link some other options that will work just as well! (scroll all the way to the bottom for all options)

Happy eating! xx H

1. My bowls (click here) - currently out of stock but keeping the link incase they do restock!

5. My new favorite!! Makes snack time fun yet controlled so you don't OVER SNACK - helps with weight control for sure! I love this one!! $34.97 for a set of 4!! click here - comes with lids too! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS ONE!

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