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Total Body Workout

A lot of people have been asking me about my workout routine. I’ve always enjoyed being active, but I’m working on strengthening and shaping up this year!

Here's a quick, super effective routine to help feel stronger and leaner in as little amount of time as possible. The best part is that you can do this anywhere. Let's GOOOOOOO!! xoxo

Pike Arch (Downward Dog to Upward Dog) 5x

Walk out to push-up 10x

walk hands all the way out to plank

push up

walk hands all the way back and repeat

Step back lunge 20x

10 each side

use medicine ball if available or weights

Squats 20x

add a jump to challenge more

add a kettle bell to challenge more

Plank 4x

first plank 30 seconds

second plank 40 seconds

third plank 50 seconds

fourth plank 60 seconds

Repeat Circuit 5x for a complete workout

Repeat Circuit 2x for a fast daily workout

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