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Glitter U Blog / Online store

Focus, commit and have a plan and things will happen! MAKE A LIST - refer to it often. Set goals and write dates on a calendar!

After closing my online boutique years ago, I wanted to start another "much smaller" outlet to offer cute, inexpensive items that go right along with my passion for fitness, fashion, makeup, beauty, style, workouts and jewelry.

Glitter U Blog now has an online store for these great things! I'm so excited!!

For those of you who follow me on SnapChat and have already placed a few orders - THANK YOU so much for your support - I'm glad we have the same style and taste! Especially on those workout pieces!

Here are a few items that are currently in stock! I'll be changing it up after each item is out of stock unless I get requests for repeat/restocking items! Happy Shopping - and you will ROCK THESE PIECES!

Luv ya xx H

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