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Turquoise Tassle Earrings / Denim

A must have for spring and summer - denim cut off shorts. I really like these shown here but I always buy a size up so they fit looser with a belt to cinch the waste! It's just the look I prefer to wear at my age! This entire outfit will be on my IG and SnapChat a lot this summer trust me! Along with my Quay sunnies (see prior blog post).....

Denim cut off shorts shop here

Getting ready for SPRING - can't wait! Although my pasty legs say please start with self tanning now! Ok so I did - there is an entire blog post on TANNING and my favorite products I use if you scroll to the left of my blog site and click on tanning wipes it will bring you to my favs I keep using.

here is link: tanning info

From there I like to jump start spring with some closet purging and buying atleast one new outfit that consists of top, shorts, belt, earrings and shoes - it just starts the season off fresh. When I do this I try to buy something neutral that can be paired up with other jewelry options - I much rather buy jewelry and handbangs and shoes than clothes! That's just me!

So to start off the SPRING SEASON - let's go shopping! I'm looking at these as my new spring staple earrings - they can be worn dressy or casual - hair up or hair down and i just LOVE THEM!!

Aqua Earrings $50

And finally to TOP IT ALL OFF - a tan colored satin T back cami - gorgeous!






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