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Welcome back! I've snapped about this item so many times and had quite a few of you ask for the details to help organize your loads of laundry. I had one of these prior to this industrial/heavy duty one but it was not made well and didn't get the job done for me and my family so we bit the bullet and if you do the math on a per load basis - well, you don't have to be a genius to figure out it's worth getting the good one the first go round. It will last for years and it helps everyone (yes even boys) sort the loads and estimate LOAD SIZE - I know you MOMs out there can relate!?

This unit has 4 hanging laundry bags that sort and make dumping into the wash easy as 1-2-3-4.......

It's very sturdy and well made (unlike the last one I tried). Let me know if you invest in one for making your laundry room an easier place to sort...

There are other brands out there but these 4 i've linked are the only ones I truly like.

ps. If the item you are trying to purchase thru my links is sold out - please check back as they restock daily! Please check out all of them I posted links for to see which one would work best for your laundry space. Another idea is to go with the 3 bin (smaller) one and put in bathrooms or closets for sorting before it hits the laundry room! All depends on your personal needs and space. This will make your life easier I promise!

xx Heather

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