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Instagram Round Up / May 2017 Part I

I am going to try to be better at doing a recap of my InstaGram posts here. If you don't follow me on InstaGram - my link is here: GlitterU always click the READ MORE below!

I blog when time allows and as most of you know it's been a very hectic month here at home for my family - Big Day happened Friday! My oldest graduated high school and wow what an exciting yet very exhausting experience! He graduated Summa Cum Laude and we couldn't be more proud! Thank you for all of the support and comments ~ they truly mean so much to us!

If you ever have trouble finding links to my InstaGram posts or my Facebook Blog (which by the way is down right now as I'm trying to revamp a few things there)...know that you can always come straight to this website and search the hundreds of "tag words" to the bottom left side of the home page for key words and categories! Keep scrolling......down. This blog post is full of information and links on everything you've been asking for. I appreciate all of the Snap messages and IG messages - I hope I answered all of your questions here! If not - you know how to reach me....

Don't forget to scroll all the way down to make sure you get the most important information on this post - THOSE NEW WEDGE SHOES that i'm loving and got so many questions on!

Since we were talking about graduation - I'll start with the dress I chose for Baccalaureate Mass - I first ordered this dress in pink but the color didn't do anything for my skin tone - so back it went. When it arrived in this soft white - I fell in love and the dress is a shift style that is perfect for my body type. Scroll down for Photo Details.

See full blog post w/all outfit details HERE.

Photo Details: Nike Tennis shoes | See full blog post for weights

Photo Details: Black Dress | Nude heels (mine option 1----- mine option 2 here----- or similar) | Turquoise Ring (mine or similar)

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