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Easy & Affordable Summer Look / 2017

Good Morning! It's Saturday and we are trying to get in a walk/jog or bike ride (hubby is the rider - i prefer to run, job, walk) before the rain comes (yet again). It's been raining all week which can get sorta depressing. But hey, chin up buttercup! Workout at least - that works! right?

~Speaking of workouts - I'm starting another challenge on June 12th if you are interested, email or message me to join our group thru the APP~I will be more than happy to get you the details.

Anyway "Hurricane season" is in swing (most months it is down south regardless because -

Mother Nature has her own rules)....

The first official day of Summer is actually June 21st...but in the south the kids have been out of school for a month already and the summer shorts and tanks started already.

I don't love wearing shorts at my age (trust me) but if and when I do lately - i've been grabbing the same worn out looking (although they are new) pair of denim cut off shorts. I bought mine big so I could have a little more length and not look like i'm trying to be 16 again. So I belt them at the waist and wear them lower on my hips but they have been my go to grab shorts since March of this year. I like to pair them with everything but I find lately i'm grabbing those camo tops for some print and it makes me happy. I'll post some photos here of a few casual comfy looks for women of all ages. I posted a second option also for those of you who are my age and prefer a stylish cut off denim look without your butt cheeks showing - hee/hee

On the legs - i've been trying this combo lately of the glow and the st. ives (links below) - so far, i'm loving them together!

These Lucky brand cut off denim shorts are super cute and a little less expensive!

Oh and for one minute....Since we are talking about summer afordable looks.....I want to bring you back to last summer too - that jumpsuit - don't forget about that's the best travel, vacation outfit ever - you can literally wear it on a plane, roll it in a ball in your carry-on, wear it long trips in the car - it's the best!

You can refer to that full blogpost here! I just checked the links and all are still available for purchase - shocker!!

Hope you have a great Saturday! xx H

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Photo Details:

Option 2 for cut off denim shorts here and See full blog post here

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