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Workouts | In the comfort of your own home | $.43 a day

It's HARD to find time to work out. It's HARD to eat well when everyone else is eating anything they want. It's HARD to motivate myself. It's HARD to keep pushing without getting immediate gratification. It's HARD to invest in my health. All of the above IS VERY true and those are probably the top excuses I hear from people when talking with them about their situation. But today I read something that stuck with me… Yes my workouts are going to be HARD and yes it's HARD to get it in but there's always going to be a HARD! Isn't it harder to wake up every day wishing you had done something about it? isn't it harder to feel unhappy, depressed, sluggish and tired, sick, and lack confidence daily? Pick your HARD❤️

Yes, I teach group classes - Yes, I love every minute of them! To see others reach their personal goals gives me L I F E !!! It truly does! My passion is helping others thru fitness and now nutrition thanks to my recent certification(s) ------ However - with that - I NEED MY OWN ACCOUNTABILITY and workouts too! These workouts have CHANGED MY LIFE and I am forever grateful - I LOVE THEM! Yes, they suck bad while i'm doing them - but man oh man - the feeling of accomplishment once I'm done - THERE IS NOTHING LIKE IT - I'm proud of myself - I'm proud of the changes my body is making especially at my age - I'm stronger, I'm leaner and I'm loving it all! I'm seeing muscles I've never had!

So.....the main reason I'm posting this tonight is to tell you about a SHHHHHHHHH - sale on the workouts that I do - ALL OF THEM - yep, all you do is press PLAY on your computer, set up your WORKOUT SPACE at your own home and BAM! you too can TRANSFORM your life, mind and body along with me! Ok, so it's ON SALE - just think of it this way - it's on sale for $.43 per day - that's 365 days in a year - yep! You know how to reach me if you have any questions - but if you get this NOW while it's on SALE - we can workout together anytime - from anywhere and hold each other accountable!

ALSO - I'm being very picky here - only the right minded people will be a good fit for my TEAM - that's right - I'm building my own TEAM to help me COACH and help others get in the best shape of their life too! You can make money while getting in shape - yeah, I know right! I'm still in shock - I was doing all of this for FREE and still do - but the upside is now I can ask a select few to become a COACH WITH ME - my team name is "HerHEATtribe" - "TEAMHerHEAT" - you'll see what I did there - right!?*&^% So here's the deal:

1. If you want to hop on board and start changing your life TODAY - COMMIT to working out 5-6 days per week with me or on your own......with all access to all of my favorite workouts online from the comfort of your own home - all you need to do is

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR COACH NAME IS "HeatherNewmanFitness" (no spaces) so you don't get assigned to some random in another Country - THIS IS CRUCIAL so I can help you and be your support system!

Think of it as NETFLIX for your body - investing in MOVING instead of sitting on that couch! amazon prime for YOUR MIND, BODY & SOUL (heck it costs less than both of those!)

2. If you are interested in becoming a COACH on HerHEATtribe - email me here: it's totally confidential and I will help you get started hitting your goals and Coaching others!

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