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Tips to Thrive in Life | Do More Than Survive | Nola Fit

Prioritize your life.

When your head starts spinning - I always tell my friends and clients to do a full BRAIN DUMP! Get everything out of your mind and put it down on old fashioned paper with a pen! No particular order - just everything that is shouting in your mind, jot it down - then organize it. Prioritize it and make it pretty into the list you were hoping for.

Main thing is GET IT OUT OF YOUR HEAD! Get it on paper! Then ACT!

Make sure you are doing things for you.

As things get crazy self care can be pushed to the wayside. This only leads to more stress. Do not forsake everything that you enjoy doing just because things are sideways. If you like to read, then find some time to read, if you enjoy massages then make time to go get a massage, if you enjoy a show on Netflix then watch it (don’t over do it though because too much TV can cause major depression and inactivity). You need to focus on yourself and ensure that you have a little bit of “me-time” in your week. Always!

You may not get as much time to yourself as you would like to but schedule it in and just do you.

Nothing good ever came from being totally engulfed in stress. I personally chose to make my workouts and nutrition a priority not only because it’s part of my job but because it is ME TIME! Taking care of the ONE BODY I am fully in charge of and the ONLY one I get!

Shift your focus away from things you cannot control and onto the things that you can.

We often feel stress because things are happening that are outside of our control. Remember that worry is the opposite of FAITH!

Have Gratitude.

While life may FEEL like #### have to always remember there are still people who have it much worse, try to be positive and happy in their honor. Look around and find 3 things to be grateful for and say THANK YOU to the big guy.

Help other people.

The easiest way that I know to get out of my own head is to help someone else. To do this you can donate to a charity, clean out your closet and bring it down to the salvation army, donate to a food pantry, VOLUNTEER, give money, time, skills or anything else that will help.

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