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How to Take Your B4 & After Photos | TONE BABES!

So, if you reached out to me and you’re about to embark upon a journey that will change your body and your life, REALIZE THAT nothing captures the results of this experience (at least the visible part of it!) quite like a set of “before” and “after” photos!

Whether you just want to keep them private as a personal reminder of how far you’ve come, or if you want to shout it from a mountain and share your story with the world

(or at least enter your results into the GRAND PRIZE contest to GET A CHANCE TO WIN $$$$$$$)


Camera, Photographer, and Location

It’s best to use a proper digital camera, but modern smartphones take excellent photos, too. It’s also best to have someone else take the photo for you.

They don’t have to be a pro photographer.

This is simple enough for any friend, frenemy, or family member over the age of 8.

But if you have to take the photo yourself (like a mirror selfie), that’s OK. Just don’t block your face with the camera; hold it somewhere to the side or below so that your face can be seen.

And try not to look at the screen while you’re doing it.

Look into the lens (through the mirror) as you would if someone else were taking the photo.

In terms of location, choose a well-lit area in front of a plain (not distracting) background or wall. The less clutter in the background, the more attention on you.

Dress Code

A swimsuit or form-fitting workout clothes works best.

You should show as much of your body as you’re comfortable with,

but please keep it appropriate for public consumption.

On that note, you may feel tempted to take your transformation photos in just your undies.

After all, they cover the same amount of skin as a swimsuit, right?

True, but would you wear your undies out in public? Probably not.

For some reason that only societal pressure can explain, it’s OK to wear a swimsuit out in public but not your undies.

The same rule applies to your transformation photos.


Photo Composition

These should be full-body shots (from head to toe) of you, alone, standing in front of a simple background.

Remember to include your face in the photos so that we can easily identify you.

Take the photos from at least three angles: a front view, a side view, and a 45-degree angle.

You can put your hands at your sides, on your hips, even flexing in the air! If your program of choice is Brazil Butt Lift, you should also take pictures of your booty so that you can see the dramatic improvement there.

Whatever you do, consistency is key! Ideally, your “before” and “after” photos will show you doing the same poses, wearing the same clothes, in the same place both before and after your transformation. That way, your body is the only thing changing.

And don’t “suck it in” or “push it out” — just flex if you feel good and let us see the REAL YOU!


You should definitely take photos on or before Day 1 and then again on or after the final day of your program, but you can also take “progress pictures” in between to see yourself changing over time.

In fact, we recommend that you do so you can see the progress you’re making and keep yourself motivated.

If you’re doing a 90-day program, for example, you could take photos on day 1, and then again every 30 days thereafter (on days 30, 60, and 90) until you’re done.


Here are some examples of good photos:


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