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Personal Training | Women Over 40

I am so excited to announce Personal Training and Buddy Training (coming soon) to TEAM NOLA FIT!

Stay tuned for more details in the upcoming months!

I have been studying so hard and it's finally coming to life. These goals I set for myself 9 years ago to help women once they hit the age of 40 is finally here and I couldn't be more excited!

My goals are clear and I know what it feels like to have your metabolism change. It happened to me too! I became that woman who thought my body would never be the same. I gave up on swimsuits and I never wanted to show my belly again. My pants fit but they looked and felt horrible - like I had squeezed into clothes that just didn't fit me anymore. I just felt PUFFY all the time! The cupcakes on the sides were no joke and I never tucked my shirt in any longer. I felt sluggish, low energy, and just not living the life I wanted.

My goal is to help WOMEN over 40 with all of these things. We have to fix a few things on the inside before we can fix the outer layer though.

My New Personal Training & Buddy Training groups are customized to meet your personal needs in FEMALE health, nutrition & fitness. I cannot wait to share all of the details with you soon!


To achieve optimal health and fitness you will need to incorporate proper nutrition, effective training, adequate recovery, hormonal balance and daily stress management into your lifestyle. These factors become even more important after the age of 40.

Many women over the age of 40 are over-training without realizing it and that quickly diminishes any benefits from exercise.

I have studied and experienced (myself included) to continue educating myself to become an expert in developing training programs for women over 40 to increase muscle, decrease excess body fat, and improve energy, endurance, gut cleanse and stamina. I have been working on extensive research and health education to become uniquely skilled at working with pre, post and menopause women, to guide them into an effective training program without the risk of over training.

Even for those who have been athletes all of their life- things change as soon as we age. Your body goes through many biological changes. After 40, women do not have the hormonal reserves so we cannot exercise like we did in our 20’s and 30’s. Women over 40 especially need to monitor their workouts on a rep to rep and session to session base to assure their bodies are adapting to the stress of workouts.

Our older joints need to be handled with care.

You can lose the stubborn belly fat, tone and tighten the tough spots, and start feeling like you used to. With these scientifically based programs, everything that has gotten harder the last few years just got easier!

I am trained and certified to monitor you during your exercise sessions and develop specific programs accordingly. I will work with you to achieve the results you want in a safe and scientific way.

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