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How to Afford Shakeology on a Limited Budget | You Can Afford It | Nola Fit

As you know, I've been in the fitness world for over 20+ years. I've been teaching (again after raising my fam) for over 3+ years steadily 5x per week and when my friends, family and clients come to me asking for answers to their problems.....I take that to heart!

I want to help - I'm trying to figure this out along side of you. I do know this - I have been my own LAB MONKEY for over 380+ days now drinking my SUPERFOODS SHAKES and I have to tell you - I have been ILL 1X in all of those days. Is this by chance? NO!

It's about what I've been fueling my body with on the daily.

When I did get sick the 1X (Geeeez I sure hope I didn't jinx myself now) ...I tripled up and drank 3 shakes a day trying to fuel my body with the dense nutrition that I knew my body could use to help get well faster - and that did indeed help - I was better in a much shorter time frame than I used to get well. I don't want to ramble, I'm going to get to the bottom line - something I've been struggling with lately - and it's the COST OF THE SUPERFOODS -

I have heard this over and over how some cannot afford the shakes but they really want to continue drinking them and helping their health - I have been looking for an alternative out that that compares and I keep coming back full circle - THERE IS CURRENTLY NOTHING out there that I would recommend to anyone to put in their body. HONEST TO GOD.

My parents who are in their 70's are even drinking this and they are feeling better and I sleep better at night knowing that they are fueling their bodies better. Real FOOD - not manufactured STUFF on the shelves sold just to make $$$ in a cute box that says it's HEALTHY for you (that's marketing!)

93% of people that i've talked to - STRUGGLE WITH NUTRITION! Do you realize that what we put in our bodies is either FUEL or POISON! Period. Most people THINK they are eating healthy but when I ask them to log and dig deeper into being very specific - RANCH DRESSING ON A SALAD IS NOT HEALTHY! Anything cooked in BUTTER is not healthy! Bread is not healthy! Anything that you eat out of a box from the center aisles of the grocery store is not healthy!

I can count how many people tell me that they are drinking another protein powder that was only $22 they found at target or some supplement that they guy at NUTRISHOP sold them or the GNC POWDERS - etc. Please do your research!

The FDA does not regulate these products. I honestly could start my own line today of PROTEIN POWDER and put my NOLA FIT name on it and sell it.

And please please READ THE BACK OF THE PRODUCT BEFORE YOU MIX IT UP AND drink it! Not to mention - the protein content on your protein drink - how much is actually in there and DO YOU KNOW WHY AND WHEN YOU SHOULD BE SUPPLYING your body with more protein????? Do you??? honestly??

Ok, so here is my resolution for those who feel they cannot afford the superfood shakes, ....... here goes......

Let me start by saying that I PAY FOR MY OWN SUPERFOODS SHAKES and my husbands and my parents now! I always wanted to pay for this on my own because it was that important to me! I have a personal limited income - COME ON NOW, I TEACH FITNESS - but it was a top priority to me! ______________________________

Here are some ways to AFFORD the INVESTMENT into your health and nutrition! It's a solution and if I find something else - I PROMISE TO SHARE!

1. Get on Home Direct (“HD”) – HD is the autoshipment program for Shakeology. It guarantees that your Shakeology will be on your doorstep waiting for you every single month. (or i've told some clients to do every other month and stretch it out - do 1/2 a scoop) that will last you 60 days - 1/2 scoop a day is better than ZERO SCOOPs and crappy foods.....

Why is this a budget saver? For one, your shipping is free on HOME DIRECT. So instead of paying that extra money for shipping each time you order a one time bag “when you can afford it,” your shipping is waived, and you have a brand new bag every month. How does getting it every month guarantee a budget check? Well because by getting on HD, you commit to your health and make Shakeology a non-negotiable part of your day. You have this bag (or box of packets) and you know that another will be on its way next month, so you’re GOING to use it, you’re GOING to drink it, and you’re GOING to see how amazing you feel. So my first tip is to get on Shakeology HD.

2. I am a Coach! Straight up, the initial reason I became a coach was because I wanted a discount on products. I won’t even lie to you, that was my reason for signing up. I didn’t have dreams of building a business at first, in fact I didn’t even realize that you COULD make this a real business! By becoming a Coach, you get a HUGE discount on every single product in the library. And yes, while you do have a monthly business fee to keep all of your coaching materials up to date without you having to lift a finger in that aspect, the fee is not even CLOSE to the amount of money you save by being on Shakeology HD as a coach. Bottom line, becoming a coach not only gives me the opportunity to MAKE money, but SAVE money with the obscenely huge discount.

3. I’m not buying multivitamins and supplements anymore. This speaks for itself. OMG this has saved me so much money! Since starting Shakeology, I no longer buy multivitamins, supplements, digestive aids, “weight loss” supplements, “energy” supplements, and even the amount of things like Advil and Tylenol I buy is WAY down. Do you have any idea how much money you SAVE by not having to buy all of these extra things each month?! I haven't had to buy medications!!

Think about how much your last bottle of multivitamins, hair vitamins, skincare fixes, antacids, digestive aids, etc. set you back in your grocery budget.

Chances are every time you pick up a bottle, you look at the price. So really, compare. Not only does Shakeology have all of the things that you’re probably already buying in pill form, but it has TONS of extras.

There’s this video with Tony Horton that really shows you the MAJOR price difference between supplements and Shakeology in just a couple of minutes. It speaks for itself! And honestly, who ENJOYS swallowing hand fulls of pills?! I’d rather have a chocolate shake. Tip #3: stop buying the multivitamins and see what you save! CLICK HERE TO SEE THIS AMAZING VIDEO - it's quick!

4. I’m not buying “breakfast food” or snacks. Forget the vending machine snacks, the boxes of cereal, the “meal bars,” and all that stuff. I don’t need it. It doesn’t go on my grocery list anymore. Cereal prices are expensive, and it’s not even that great for you! Have you really read the sugar content in cereal - even the one's that claim to be healthy?

Shakeology is my breakfast, and it’s healthier than anything else I used to put in my body to start my day! And forget vending machine snacks or being tempted in the middle of the day by an unhealthy lunch! Shakeology fills me up. I don’t need the crappy breakfast food, and on the days where I do have something like steel cut oats or egg whites with salsa for breakfast, I have Shakeology for a midday snack, and it’s the perfect sweet tooth fix. So my next tip: save money by not having to budget for breakfast food or snacks.

5. I'm not a coffee drinker but for those of you who ARE....... I'M TOLD BY SO many other coaches that they used to stop on the way to their wherever job every early morning and go out of the way to grab some ...“Oh I’m so tired I need coffee!”

This is also what they had to say about the coffee.....

"Since starting to drink Shakeology regularly, I don’t do that anymore. Not because “the calories aren’t worth it,” (even though that’s true) but because I don’t NEED that energy boost! Shakeology does that FOR me! So where I used to have breakfast AND coffee every morning ($$$$$!!!) I have one glass of Shakeology and I’m energized. Boom. Money saver, and a time saver since I’m not leaving an extra 15-20 minutes early to make that coffee run! Now my only coffee is an occasional cup in my countertop coffee pot. That’s it! Shakeology saves me time and money by keeping me out of Starbucks."

6. This one is the one that blows everyone's mind!! I factor Shakeology into my food budget! To make sure that Shakeology is a non-negotiable part of my life, I factor it into my daily food budget. I break it down. About $4 per day, which is WAY less on what I used to spend on lunch! I make sure that it is part of my budget, and I work the rest of my grocery budget AROUND my Shakeology. It may sound silly, but it’s TRUE. Remember what Shakeology is replacing in your grocery list, and factor in the cost to your budget. Factor it in, and it makes it a regular expense, instead of a surprise. My grocery bill has GONE DOWN. I don't buy soft drinks, crappy junk items that cost a ton and BAM -

7. I don’t do unnecessary splurge activities anymore. This is partially because I want to save money, but partially because I have become healthier. I no longer go out drinking on a regular basis. I rarely go out to eat. I don’t get my hair and nails done very often, and I don’t go on my weekly shopping trips anymore.

We all know that cutting back on these things is going to save you money, but for some reason we continue to do some of them.

The fact is, if you’re serious about your health, you need to make sacrifices. As you learn to live a healthier lifestyle, some of these changes become easier, but yes, it takes EFFORT to make sacrifices. Budgeting takes sacrifice. That’s fact.

Cut back on things that don’t align with your new, healthy lifestyle and cut back things that are unnecessary, and you save a lot of money.

When money is tight, I take on extra work. Just like the rest of you, I have months where money gets kind of tight.

Unexpected expenses or a social event that I REALLY want to go to…these things happen. When I have unexpected expenses, I work harder. I work hard to pick up extra art projects, form extra challenge groups, teach more classes, I do anything I can to make sure that I can afford what I want to do.

I WANT this.

I am SERIOUS about my health and maintaining my nutrition. I could just cut out Shakeology for a month, but I know that it is the HEALTHIEST thing I do for my body EVERY day, and there is no way I would cut it out.

Once you have that realization, you think differently. So when money is tight, I pick up odd jobs. I work harder!

I work HARD at my health business and I strive to have my Shakeology 100% paid for each month through my income.

The money I make through coaching, as I mentioned before, is helping me pay all of my monthly bills. But the financial GOAL I have every single month, is to work hard enough in my business to…at the VERY least…have my Shakeology paid for with the commissions I have made.


When you have a clear, set, numbered goal, it’s easier to have a REASON to push hard. I make it a goal each month to have my Shakeology completely paid for so I don’t even have to pay a cent out of pocket. But most importantly, I recognize the VALUE of Shakeology. I know how I feel when I drink it, and I know how I feel on the days that I don’t.

To me, it’s worth it to not have to take days off of work (whether working from home OR working for another company) when I’m sick. I’m hardly sick…ever. I hardly get headaches anymore, my internal health is amazing, and my energy is high. Shakeology makes me feel my best. I recognize the value in that.

I know how it effects my weight loss goals, my skin, my hair, NAILS,….everything about my life.

I recognize that Shakeology has been the game changer in my life, and it is more than “just a shake.” It is my daily does of dense nutrition that improves every single part of my day. I see the value in spending $4 a day on a healthy, energy boosting, great tasting chocolate shake over spending $2 on a greasy cheeseburger at the local fast food place.

I see the value in spending $4 a day to replace bottles and bottles of vitamins, pain relievers and energy supplements. I see the value in spending $4 every day on a meal replacement shake instead of a sugared up, $5 coffee drink. I see the value in Shakeology. I see that it is full of VALUE.

So that’s how I make sure I am able to afford Shakeology every single month. And let me tell you. Even in the months where I wonder “how am I going to afford this bill,” I have never ONCE cancelled my Shakeology HD. I scrimp and save. I budget. I recognize the value in Shakeology and realize that it is the BEST thing I can do for my body. I have found ways to make the money and be sure that my Shakeology is on my doorstep.

I have had to be creative at times, but every month I make SURE I am able to afford Shakeology. I have found a way to do away with all of my excuses.

Every single excuse has a way around it, and if you WANT to get healthier, you CAN do it. All you have to do is take a long, hard look at your daily life, use some of my tips and methods, and find a way to do whatever it is that you want to do!

Ok, that is from my HEART!!

Peace and Love - I truly want to help you become the best version of yourself and I know this has to happen from the inside out!

xx Heather

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