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10 Reasons to Become a Nola Fit Coach | Team Nola Fit

Whether you’ve come to read my post because you’re considering becoming a Coach and just making sure you do your research before you decide to commit or you’ve never heard about the Coaching opportunity before and just happened to stumble across this page, I’m glad you’re here! Why? Because I’m so passionate about Coaching and what it has done for my life and the lives of the Coaches on my team!

And I want to be able to share that with everyone!

I truly do believe that Coaching is about so much more than the money. Don’t get me wrong, the money is awesome and has allowed me to do so many things and the earning potential is incredible, but it goes so much further beyond that! So I wanted to take some time to outline what I believe are 10 of the best things that happen to you when you become a Coach that have absolutely nothing to do with the money you’ll earn!

So let’s get started, shall we?! Because I KNOW how pumped you are for this!


So, not sure if you know this already or not, but Coaches get 25% off of all products! Yup, all of them! That includes SuperFoods shakes, Unicorn Juice, anything coach related and the NETFLIX to all workouts including program menu's and all the tools for your coaching tool box, supplements, workout clothes/gear and MORE!

Basically, if you’re already a client of mine, there’s no reason not to become a Coach! In fact, did you know that you can become a “Coach” and never have to do any sort of Coaching?! We call it being a Discount Coach, and discount coaches do it only for the 25% discount on the products they’re already using!

So you’re really only a Coach in name! or consider it VIP customer. Nothing more is required of you! You’re essentially just a VIP Preferred Customer! Pretty sweet, right?!

And the best part of this is that signing up doesn’t differentiate between Business Coaches and Discount Coaches, so you can start out as a Coach just for the discount and change your mind at any time and the training resources for new Coaches will always be available to you! Plus, even if you’re just doing it for the discount, people will likely ask you what products you’re using to get such awesome results, and not only can you tell them, but if they’re interested then they can still order through you and you’ll get the commission from that purchase!

2. Staying Accountable

This one is HUGE! At least for me it has been. Let me ask you, have you ever gotten completely derailed from a workout program you were doing? Maybe you got sick and had to take a few days off and then found it really tough to get back into it? Or maybe you promised yourself that you would eat healthy for a full month, yet 5 days in you’re cravings a hamburger and end up at Five Guys with a bacon cheeseburger, large fry and a milkshake? First off, no worries, it happens to all of us! But trust me when I say that becoming a Coach has made me so much more accountable to myself and my own goals…and sticking with them for the long run! What an investment in my health this has been. And did I mention it's FUN?

Think about it; if you’re putting your health & fitness journey out there to inspire others (if you want to)... you’re going to be WAAAAY more likely to stick with that health & fitness journey yourself! That’s because you have people rooting you on and you won’t want to let them down either. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t have cheat days or days where you skip your workout! You totally can (it definitely happens to me!!). What it does mean is that if you do miss a workout or you do eat an unhealthy meal, you get RIGHT BACK ON TRACK AFTERWARDS!

I know that can probably sound daunting to you, especially if you’re just beginning your health & fitness journey, but don’t let it intimidate you! It truly will MOTIVATE you to keep going, and that could be the missing puzzle piece in why you’ve started and stopped so many times before! It definitely has been for me. It's truly KEY and our NOLA FIT tribe is so supportive - it's truly a sisterhood of positive people

(yes guys on our team too-they are just quiet)


3. Being a Business Owner

As soon as you click that button and enter in your information to become a Coach, you have officially become a BUSINESS OWNER! Yes, you! YOU own your own Health & Fitness Coaching Business! Whaaaaaaat?! I know, pretty crazy, right?! But it’s true! And you have the opportunity to turn your business into whatever you want it to be! Or simply enjoy the discount and the BEING OFFICIALLY PART OF THE NOLA FIT COACHING DYNASTY!

As a Coach, YOU decide HOW you want to grow your business! or not

But don’t worry, when you join my team, I’m right there with you every step of the way! Because I don’t expect you to know how to start off running; I just want you to be excited and READY to really RUN WITH IT! Which is why I provide tons of training from TOP COACHES in the business and we talk about your INDIVIDUAL goals in order to create a plan that is going to work best for YOU an YOUR business!

Because seriously, this business is yours! You are a freaking business owner…did I mention that?! And you can start working towards one day becoming your own boss!! Which means you’ll set your own hours, take days off when you want and work in pajamas if that’ll make you happy!

Oh, and p.s…who WOULDN’T want to have workout clothes be a tax write off, right?! Design the LIFE you want to live. This might start out as your side JAM but the sky is the limit. It's all up to you.

4. Meet New People/Reconnect with Old Friends

This one is really close to my heart. I’ll be honest and tell you that I’m a total introvert. I really do genuinely enjoy connecting with people, but the idea of it just exhausts me and sometimes stresses me out. But then came Coaching and joining my team surrounded me with people who were all so similar to me and so it was EASY to connect with them!

And then through sharing my own health & fitness journey, I was able to first reconnect with old friends through social media…and then meet people all across the country, and even in Canada, who were so similar to me! So it became easier and easier for me to meet brand new people and make genuine friendships…yes, all online!

I know it might sound a little crazy, but it’s truly an amazing thing! Because you’ll make this connection with people through a shared passion for health & fitness! Some of these people will be fellow Coaches, some will become your clients and some will even become Coaches on your team!

5. Earn Cool Prizes

Eeeeek! Every month you have a chance to win different prizes …simply by helping others get healthy! It’s called Success Club! And not only can you also get FREE CUSTOMER LEADS from earning Success Club, but you also win different prizes each month! I’ve gotten so many awesome things just for helping a few new people meet their goals each month. Things like conference calls with leaders in the industry, tote bags, free product, workout clothes


6. Travel

THERE ARE tons of opportunities to travel throughout the year (many are even completely covered and paid for by corporate!). There’s the annual Coach Summit, which changes locations every year; …regardless of where it takes place it’ll be an incredible opportunity to travel somewhere I’ve never been to before.


Then each year we have various Leadership Retreats for Coaches who reach certain milestones throughout the year! These retreats generally take place in California, near headquarters and are an absolutely amazing opportunity to connect with other Coaches in our organization and gain a ton of knowledge…plus, you get to travel!


7. Help People Live Healthier

Getting back to the basics of what Coaching is all about…your job as a Coach is going to be first and foremost to help people find a program that is going to work for THEIR needs and with THEIR lifestyle and then give them the support and motivation to get started and really stick with it!

So your job as a Coach is to help people live a healthier lifestyle. How crazy rewarding is that, right?

The messages that I get from my Challengers always blow my mind because they’re genuinely so thankful for being introduced to the various workout programs, to my amazing SuperFoods shakes (daily veggies) to Challenge Groups…all of these things that YOU can offer your clients is such a huge deal! Not only are you getting them a product that works, but you’re able to ensure that they also have the support they need as well!

And in doing that, you get to truly change lives! You rockstar, you!

8. Learn a Ton

Here’s the cool thing about Coaching: You do not have to be a professional in the health & fitness field at all. Although I've been in the fitness industry for over 20+ years, you don't have to be.

Through your journey as a Coach, you are going to learn soooooo much! You’re going to learn from your fellow Coaches, from looking up an answer to a client’s question, from simply doing your own browsing around out of curiosity! I know for me, I’ve learned so much more about health, fitness and nutrition since becoming a Coach.

9. Become a Better Version of You

NOLA FIT is all about developing yourself as a person, becoming the best version of you possible. Sure, this happens through focusing on living a healthier lifestyle, exercising regularly and fueling your body with nutritious, whole foods, but it goes far beyond that too! THIS IS HUGE!!

As a Coach, I really want you to focus on truly getting to know yourself and developing your strengths so that you can really become a leader! And so I encourage you to read/listen to personal development in several different areas. Everything from mindset, to being an entrepreneur, to faith, to overcoming fears/doubts, and so much more! I HAVE PLENTY for you to use as reference.


10. Feel Valued

I’m sure this last one will come as no surprise to you after everything I’ve been writing about, but I wanted to save it for last because this one really speaks to my heart.


Y’all, I cannot even begin to tell you how many ways Coaching has changed my life, reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with the money! I mean, don’t get me wrong, the money has been INCREDIBLE and life changing too! But it’s not JUST about that! It’s about empowering yourself, continuing on your own journey and helping others do the same. It’s about having the courage to step outside your comfort zone (with the help of your friends!!) and accomplish things that you never imagined were possible! And it’s reaping all sorts of benefits from doing so!

So I urge you, if you feel drawn to the idea of Coaching, if you think it could be a good fit for you, don’t hesitate! Don’t hesitate to sign up and start writing your own success story! Because it’s out there waiting for you to take hold of your dreams and just freaking work towards them!!

If you want more information, simply fill out the form below - Click the link that says Learn More now.

xx H


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