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NOLA FIT CAMP | (it's virtual_


You might have seen my video on youtube, facebook, instagram or snapchat about our NEW NOLA FIT CAMP! If not, I wanted to reach out to you personally and invite you to join us on this journey that I am super stoked about!! ((it's so cool - it's all virtual so you can do this from all over the US)

It is brand new, not even launched yet and I am so pumped up that you have the opportunity to be a part of it!

It's going to be the thing that transforms your world!

We are going to be going thru a 6-week program in there. I have also uploaded FREE GUIDES, FREE meal plans, bikini prep guide, nutrition information, craving hacks, blueprint to getting the AB's you really want and so much more. BUT what is really amazing are the friendships that are formed and the accountability because they WILL call you out - which keeps us all on track - in a friendly, supportive, POSITIVE WAY!! That's not even the actual workout program that you will be doing along with our superfood nutrition that fills all the gaps where our nutrition might be SLACKING A BIT. It's not even about the group though, it's truly about you and your goals. Let's see what your goals are and put the plan in place to change your life in 6 weeks. Let's get YOU started by simply clicking this link to fill out a short form so I can get a snapshot of where you are and what your TRUE GOALS are for weight, nutrition, etc. CLICK HERE: That's it - see you in NOLA FIT CAMP!!! xx Heather

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