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2019 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale | Heather Newman Fitness

Happy Almost Gobble Gobble Day!!

I'm so excited to finally have this SALE put together for you - I've been talking about it on my social media for days now and HERE IT IS!!

These deals are gonna be FUN, life changing and healthy - so you will be getting the best return on your investment EVA!!!

I am sooo VERY excited to have the honor of hosting this amazing FLASH SALE EVENT with the supplements that have changed my health and life forever. I am an official ambassador for the supplements that I use and have been using for the past 2.5 years of my life (never skipped a day) - these are the exact products that got my husband off of his cholesterol meds and kept me off of thyroid meds! These are the exact products that give me energy like I had in my 20's, allow my skin to be youthful again, grow my nails nice and strong, curb my crazy chocolate cravings and so many other benefits you hear me share on the daily!

So many of you ask me about my yellow magical unicorn crack that I drink every single morning and before my workouts or before teaching Barre class - YEP, IT'S ON SALE - That yummy plant based delicious weight loss chocolate shake Ken and I drink every day at 10:30am - YEP, IT'S ON SALE (this is a first - we never put this powder on sale - like ever!!!) - The collagen I've been putting in my unicorn juice and water on the daily for 3 months straight - YEP, IT'S ON SALE TOO - and so many other amazing plant based healthy items that I cannot even contain myself - I'm shopping too!!!


If you are looking to score some extra goodies for your end of year fitness accountability or your New Years Resolutions this is the time to do it!

Giving yourself or someone you love the gift of health and fitness is incredible.

Let me give you all the freakin' amazing details now - You can simply click the link at ANY TIME to check out the sales. 

Plus, if you want to get my support and accountability please email me directly at to get the scoop on how easy it is to get my support to help you in reaching your health and fitness goals. 

I am getting ready to open registration for my 2020 LIMITED EDITION FIT CLUB challenge group December 26th to help you ring in the new year feeling great.

Make sure you take advantage and stock up on holiday gifts with 70% off on gear from some of my favorite top trainers & workout programs, super cute yoga/workout apparel (for men and women) and more!

This sale runs from 10AM PT November 26, 2019 until 4PM PT December 4th, 2019. All items are first come, first served and you can purchase as many deals as you’d like while supplies last!

I KNOW these items are going to sell out FAST, so definitely order as soon as you can to make sure you get what you want!!!

Let's get this party started:

3 Day Refresh

I just did this with my squad and boy oh boy it left us feeling so amazing heading into the holidays. You might want to grab this limited SALE ITEM to get your butt back in gear after Turkey Day - This 3-Day Refresh can help get your health, energy and vitality back on track after the hustle and bustle of the holidays–in just 3 days!

The 3 day refresh is a very simple and easy cleanse that won’t make you poo all day long (yes I said that) and you won’t be eating weird foods or starving to death.  It’s an all natural, plant based cleanse designed to help you jump start your weight loss, break a plateau, kick the sugar cravings, decrease bloat and more…

Starting today, you can save 10% off of all 3-Day Refresh Kits, excluding Challenge Packs.

This sale ends Dec. 4th at 4pm PT, and 3-Day Refresh with Pumpkin Spice SuperFoods Sexy Momma Shake is available while supplies last!!! 



Where are my chocolate lovers who are looking for a chocolate POST WORKOUT with major muscle recovery after a good lift, run or workout? My IRONMAN guys love this one and it's delicious!! … I got you!!! Personally, this is one of my favorite deals. We always need to recover after our workouts, right!? This is going to be saving you 20 bucks!


I know you pumpkin spice lovers are going to drink this HEALTHY sexy momma shake all year around so you might as well stock up now, before you run out!!! It is also 30% now!! The best deal you’ll ever get on my sexy momma super foods shakes!


Are you getting tired of the same work outs, and you have been looking for something new! Well, you’re honestly in luck, because you can get your hands on so many different programs on sale right now! You know - THOSE CLASSIC good one's that WORK!!! OMG P90X2 for only $19 what a great gift for your MAN!!


If you are looking for something to give a friend or family member for a holiday gift, there is a ton of accessories and apparel as well!!!


Lemon Energize 10-Pack AKA UNICORN JUICE


Now wherever you go, you can grab perfectly measured packets of Energize to take with you. Convenient and simple-to-use, this new 10-pack option makes working out anytime, anywhere easier than ever. Simply tear open a packet, mix it with water, and blast through your workouts with a surge of energy!*


One more thing before you go!  I’m also hosting a pretty SWEET holiday sale!

With your purchase of 1 OR 2 below you will receive a free gift from me which includes my FAV products that I use every single day!

To take advantage of these offers make sure to email me at

option 1 - seasonal sexy skinny momma super foods shake Peppermint Mocha - IF YOU ORDER THIS - be sure to email me so I can send you your free 14 days of WORKOUTS FREE!


ENTIRE YEAR OF workouts - no monthly fees

Now thru December 2020!!!

30-Day supply of Sexy Momma Superfoods shakes

Superfoods recipes to make them taste like dessert

Me as your personal Coach

VIP spot in my LIMITED EDITION 2020 FIT CLUB online

IF YOU ORDER THIS - be sure to email me with your order number because I have a FREE GIFT for you - it's a 10 pack of UNICORN JUICE!!!



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