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Step 2 of my new Anti-Aging Skincare REVAMPED routine! | Almost 50

After months of research and studies, I have narrowed down my top 3 favorite EYE MAKEUP REMOVERS that won't break the BANK! They work and the ingredients are not harmful nor do they DRY OUT THE THIN SKIN AROUND aging eyes!

3. Clinique - take the day off ($27.50 using this link)


I'm not here to dispute whatever works for YOU! I've probably used that at one time or another as well. I've watched so many YOUTUBE videos, I could just

I had to use and try these on my own - for months - and I will say the Egyptian Magic LASTS FOR EVER - I still have a full container and i've had it for almost a full year now!

I tend to use the Clinique a little bit faster, I use more of it for some reason but neither of these bother me. They are soft around the eyes and really do a great job of breaking down the eye makeup - although I look like a raccoon while using both of these.

I use both of these products with my bare finger tips. No rag! I simply rinse off with warm water then wipe down with my FAVORITE RAG that is gentle but helps exfoliate my skin RAG FOUND HERE!


So, my verdict with Pond’s Cold Cleanser for eye make up removal? Awesome and wonderful, and I shall continue using it too.

It’s cheap, and it makes my skin look smooth and young. It’s a jar, and I am ok with sticking my fingers into it, but I know not everyone is. I don’t buy into that “it’s not sterile if it’s in a jar” thing, and my hands are clean when I use it. You may feel differently.

Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser is available at drugstores in a couple sizes for under $10.

if i had to rank them in favorite order:

1. Egyptian magic

2. clinique take the day off

3. ponds

4. loreal

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