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Spring Cleaning - Mind, Body & Soul

Spring is around the corner, my girls. What better time to do some internal and external cleaning and start a fresh new chapter. Here are just a few mental messes that might need

bagged up and put out on the curb.


Bad habits have a way of sneaking into our lives, sometimes even unnoticed. And they can derail our best intentions in a heartbeat. Maybe you’ve been hitting the snooze button one time too many or perhaps your sweet tooth has gotten the best of you. Spring is a great time of year to look at your habits and see which ones need to go.


Holding a grudge or harboring anger towards someone might make you feel like you’re getting justice, but the opposite is true. Unforgiving

(keep scrolling down)

and bitterness actually do way more harm to your own physical and emotional self than anyone else’s. Let go of those grudges and you’ll feel lighter and freer in no time.


We all know stress is destructive and unhelpful. Yet most of us have a way of allowing it into our hearts and minds. Intentionally go after this beast by taking a proactive stance. Regular exercise, proper nutrition, deep breathing, healthy friendships, journaling, spending time outdoors, and staying hydrated can all be helpful.

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