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How to Switch BeachBody Coach | Common Questions | Online Form

I get a few common questions often behind the scenes and I thought it would just be easier to answer them here:

(1) Can you switch Coaches (as a customer)?

YES! I know for me personally i'd want to make sure that my clients matched up well with our personality, motivation, drive, goals, lifestyle ideas, etc. You want to make sure that your coach is actually running challenges and motivating you (if that's what you indeed need and want) -

You can simply USE THIS FORM TO CHANGE COACHES by clicking here. If you'd like me as your coach:

You will need this info to make the switch:

so jot this down....

Coach name: Heather Newman Fitness

Coach ID 1502854

Coach email:

(2) How to go from being a client/customer to becoming an accountability coach on Team Nola Fit with Heather Newman?

You can be a coach for the discount or to build your own fitness business like I do.

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