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Your VOTE is much appreciated | Ms. Health & Fitness | I'm honored to be nominated! xo, Heat

Hey there friends....... I don't like asking for votes no more than you do. I honestly find this way out of my comfort zone but if i've learned one thing in life, it's that we only GROW by taking steps forward and sometimes that means being vulnerable and uncomfortable. There are only 36 hours left EEEEK for this voting option!!

I’m asking for your support.

I made the first cut for top 30 and I am beyond excited to even say that much!!

and now they are on round two and only 20 people make this cut.——> I’ll be the ‘big 5 0’ in 10 more sleeps so this would really mean a lot to have your vote (you can vote daily)...

I’m completely honored and humbled. NO!!!! I don’t claim to be the most FIT and I don’t body build. I’m just a mom trying to help others in health and happiness!!! Thank you so much!

❤️Luv you xo

Heather Newman

Please continue to vote. It’s daily. 💋💋💋 ❤️

Can I count on your vote? Please?

click the flag "vote here" below:

Please let me know once you’ve voted so I can say THANK YOU!

xo, Heather💋

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