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Sugar is the Devil: 7-Day Sugar Detox Plan, Book, Guide! PRE-ORDER TODAY!!

Well, I've been praying so hard to find the right book to publish at the right time. I have so many on my Vision Board and pressing on my soul.....that I want to share with YOU, I'm not even kidding! But, I'm proud to say, I finally did it, I finally got my "squirrel" mind to focus and get all of the details on the ONE TOPIC that I struggle with the most to be my FIRST EBOOK PUBLICATION! S U G A R !!!! (paperback will be available on AMAZON.COM soon, I'll let you know when that releases but until then, you can pre-order your copy here:

I've always said, "Sugar is the Devil" and I tell all of my clients this same thing. If we could only learn the break the addiction and minimize SUGAR intake, our BELLIES would be so much firmer and our body wouldn't feel so many aches and pains ya know! There are a GA-ZILLION books out there on 7-Day Sugar Detoxes - trust me, I know!! But I wanted to share the tips and tricks and recipes that help me when I just want to really purge my body from the Sugar! 7-Days can be achieved and we take it just one day at a time with a written out plan.

You choose the plan you wish to follow, the recipes you'll fill in your menu with and just stick to the plan! You're gonna feel amazing after your 7-Day journey with me and leaving the SUGAR BEHIND - trust me!

Quick glance inside below:

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