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What is a Health & Fitness Coach? | How can I become one too?


I’m confused, what do you actually do?? . WELL, -I help woman with their confidence Join Here -I teach LIVE BARRE classes locally about 3-5x a week -I support a group of women who sorta lost themselves in being a mom and wife and all the “things” -I help women believe in themselves again and get their confidence back -I help women find their purpose -I lead a team of fitness and nutrition coaches who help others do the same thing - helping just one person at a time. -I provide a safe space for women to be really authentic and there is zero judgement only a sisterhood of support and cheerleaders all getting to real similar goals. All like minded. All ages and walks of life. -I share my FAITH in GOD and help women figure out their life (HIS) assignment -I workout daily and check in with my virtual TEAM bc we hold each other accountable. -I help women find their HAPPY self again! #getUnstuck -I lead with my heart and I show up as my REAL authentic quirky self!! -I help women start a new life journey that usually leads them into a new found love for health & fitness -I share what I do in my business so they can do the same and make a side income if they choose to do so Join Here -I drink my #SexyMommaShake chocolate plant based nutrition & vitamin supplements AKA the healthiest meal of my day every single day without missing for the past 744 days of my life ((hubby too)) our forever game changer!! -I give people healthy meal plan options and teach them how to eat and live life without feeling restricted to some crazy diet they cannot sustain. -My TEAM has huge goals and I’d love for you to join us of any of this sounds like YOU!! AND what’s super cool is most of it is done online 📱📲🖥💻 .Join Here I love SHOWING UP for my people. I like motivating people to become better and to improve their health! ♥️ I truly lead with a caring heart and soul. . I work out barefoot in my garage every single morning after I have my WWG—> GOD time and journal in my gratitude journal! I can legit live in lululemon New Orleans tanks and yoga pants!!! Prefer everything in black 🖤🎚 I’ve always been a dancing cheerleader at heart and really loyal… I dance every morning in my kitchen when I shake my unicorn juice and I cheer the loudest for my tribe! 📣 🎚 . -I’m an extroverted introvert 🎧 -I love being HOME! 💕 -my FAM is my WHY!!😁 -I don’t eat red meat (only chicken, turkey and fish)✌🏼 -I don’t drink tea or coffee ever!!💯 -I used to live off of Funyuns and Dr Pepper 💋 -I used to drink Diet Coke every morning until 2012!🤦🏼‍♀️ Any excuse to SHOUT OUT to my TEAM & celebrate; I’m there cheering the loudest 🎉 . It’s been a daily journey learning to be the strong woman that I am today. I’ve changed more on the inside than the outside honestly. . AND… no matter what, I’m your ride-or-die and always available. In the ups and downs, we’ll be #FitClub for life!! 👯 . Why?!? Cause those are the kinds of bonds you form through life-changing journeys thru #getUnstuck thru fitness, health, nutrition, FAITH and accountability !!! 💯 . If you are ready to make a change to improve your health... let’s go! ♥️ I just completed the first phase of work and would love to introduce you to my new favorite workout program that only requires 25 to 30 minutes of your morning!! ☀️ . Now’s your time. I’m ready to start the journey with you! We’ve got this, 👯‍♀️ Your Coach!!! Join here - WHY NOT YOU? Heather💋

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