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New Podcast is LIVE: Podcast 11: Daily Declarations to try when you really need a PEP talk or someon

The purpose of this podcast is to make you feel more confident, courageous and enthusiastic. We all need our own personal cheerleader sometimes to get us out of a rut when we are having a bad day #GetUnstuck! Your words are powerful and the words you speak about yourself are even more powerful. Try these daily declarations - say them over your self (choose the ones that apply to you or that you want to become) - create your own, whatever works, share that with me! I'd love to hear if you tried this routine - it changed my world! Oh, I published my first book! It's available on AMAZON.COM - it's called "Sugar is the Devil": 7-Day Sugar Detox - I'd love for you to try it and give me your personal testimonial. I'll gladly share it if you send me your results at Be sure to subscribe

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Luv ya, Heather

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