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HOLY FREAKING COW!!! When I started the Tone Online Studio - I knew I had to share this 3-Day SHRED SYSTEM with anyone who was struggling with getting their weight in check (and health of course). I put a lot of time, energy and TESTING into the fastest road to OPTIMIZING nutrition without restricting the correct amount of vitamins and minerals our bodies need - So, I partnered in 2017 with a company that provided me with a program on Nutrition - I took some of the teachings of that 21 day program and decided to implement my own version of a SHRED to get some results in the fastest amount of time possible - I AM NOT A DIETICIAN OR A DOCTOR SO THIS IS SOMETHING YOU'D WANT TO CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR FIRST before trying but it's HEALTHY and you do eat - everything is laid out for you how to SHRED SOME FAT fast - without starving yourself - I just share a PRE-BEACH VACATION or wedding weekend plan that works for me and I've had many other clients use this SHRED on and off again to keep things in check.

This mini plan is to help anyone who just feels defeated and overwhelmed with their weight-loss and healthy eating choices. If you just aren't quite sure where to start to get bikini ready or just to lose the "bloat"....this 3-Day Shred is exactly for you!

IT'S NOW AVAILABLE IN A BOUND BOOK FORM for those of you who do not need my 1:1 coaching but know that if you PURCHASE THIS BOOK - ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS EMAIL ME A COPY OF YOUR BOOK TO HEATHERNEWMANFITNESS@GMAIL.COM and My coaching is FREE TO YOU!! TO HELP YOU THRU THE GUIDE!! We can do that on a zoom call, phone call, text or even voice messages.

I am so excited to announce that Barnes & Noble just called me to let me know that they want to publish this 3-DAY SHRED PROGRAM IN THEIR STORES!!!! SAY WHAT!!!! I'm screaming!!!! It's the same SHRED we do every summer and it's also FREE TO ALL VIP MEMBERS OF THE TONE ONLINE STUDIO


Here is the description on the site: click here to view on website

"As we age, our bodies change on the inside and obviously the outside. This 3-Day Shred Method will teach you the basics of CLEAN EATING that can be implemented into your daily life too. Heather is a Certified Health & Fitness Coach and Trainer, Certified Fitness Instructor (over 25+ years), Fitness Blogger and Fit Mentor & Influencer who has consolidated her education and teachings into this quick 3 Day Shred Plan to help jumpstart your weight loss journey. This mini book is a quick plan to get you on the path to a new healthy eating journey. Heather offers personal virtual Health & Fitness Coaching alongside the purchase of this book. It's a great place to start when you just aren't sure how to shed a few pounds in just a few days. It's an easy, quick and simple plan to follow to get a jump start when you feel like you don't know how to shake the pounds. Let's DO THIS!

A good follow up to this 3-Day Shred is that will allow you to embrace a body cleanse and detox that will get you feeling great in just 7 days if you stick to it. The 7-Day Sugar Detox isn't hard at all and it's truly the pivot to making changes in your every day choices. You can do anything for 7 days and the cool thing about it is, the guide will be a continuous HEALTH BIBLE for you to keep coming back to over and over again if you feel yourself getting off track. It's a great RESET for your nutrition and eating habits. Be sure to grab your copy to go along with this 3-Day Shred. It's the perfect combo for a full 10-Day Transformation! Be sure to follow us on social media @GlitterU and tag us with your results!

Let's Unleash Your Inner Sparkle!"





I'm sorry, i was so excited to hear this - I JUST had to share it with you. Enjoy your weekend!


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