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A SIMPLE GUIDE TO GOOD CARBS! | Heather Newman Fitness

You don’t have to live a crazy restricted lifestyle to get fit results thru your diet. It’s important that we find healthy alternatives that take our health to the next level.

Here is my quick guide to good carbs to help you navigate all of the confusing overwhelming information out there already! I'll try to keep it simple as it really is SIMPLE to understand. BASICS There are two different types of carbs: complex (beneficial carbs) and simple (unhealthy carbs).


Of the two, complex carbs are considered BETTER for your health, since our body absorbs the nutrition of these carbs, it takes longer to digest and provide outlasting energy. Simple carbs on the other hand, are your sugary and processed foods. Any sugar that’s not digested right away will be stored as fat. If you need help guiding you with shopping the right foods in the grocery - there is a full list in my book here - I would suggest the hard copy over the kindle version to use as a guide and resource lifelong...... get messy with it - plan your new healthy lifestyle by starting's so easy (simple) to follow!


These carbs are packed with fiber! This helps regulate your digestive system - no need to feel bloated because this will help eliminate any waste the body is storing. Talk about some amazing gut benefits! This season, trade out your normal baked potato with these babies and you’ll have a delicious and nutritious alternative! 


Brown rice is white rice’s healthy cousin. You can barely taste the difference and has many more benefits! These carbs are a whole grain which takes a little longer for the body to absorb and digest, which gives your body energy to CRUSH the day. Don’t have to worry about that afternoon crash! I like to have a fist full of brown rice for a balanced diet. 


Chickpeas are apart of the legume family. They’re great for your health because they’re filling, low in sugar, and provide energy. Roast them for a snack before your big meal and to avoid overeating. We have loads of other healthy recipes guide and resource book!


Yes - veggies are complex carbs too! I love to bake or roast fresh green beans, mushrooms, asparagus and zucchini for a healthy side dish. Add some roasted pine nuts...yummmm. They’re packed with vitamins and minerals that perform so many important roles in your body! 

If you need some more inspiration for healthy recipes head over to the Online Studio... We have so many healthy alternatives that you don’t have to worry about sacrificing your results. Hope this helps! 


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