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Belly Fat Burner: ABs Blueprint

I'm totally DISGUSTED - HONESTLY! - - - - - I cannot even believe the #### that i've been taking a bite here and there...including the pizza from last night! STOP THE MADNESS! I'm usually so disciplined! I see now, being cooped up for all this time, that - if the crap is in the pantry - you are bound to eat it! So, note to self - stop buying any of that crap! Luckily, I don't drink anymore but after yesterday - I ALMOST FELT LIKE I COULD! - Oh, sorry, had to get that off my chest. Are you guys struggling at all. Do you find yourself in the pantry just looking around? I have got to get my BUTT back in gear here. I'm starting off today with my Unicorn Juice for energy and focus - i never miss that! It helps me get in more water too (slipping there as well).... - Then I'm headed to my HOME GYM & STUDIO (aka garage) to hit a DOUBLE WORKOUT SESSION - I'm doing a :30 minute light weight lift program then I'm BOXING IT OUT with a new program that really pushes me outside of my comfort zone to say the least but dang - it really feels good to let loose - punch some air hard and knock out FRUSTRATION ---- AND I feel sooooooo energized after it! It is truly the best way to DEAL WITH ALL OF THIS mess going on in the world! - Then I'm chugging my chocolate veggies - that sounds gross but it's veggies (if you don't know - I don't like the taste of veggies and I teach nutrition) - it's in a shake form with water, ice, almond butter and banana......that tastes like a yummy chocolate frosty so - yeah, it's the highlight of my day! I share it over on snapchat all the time! I add Easter SPINKLES on top - imagine that - but hey - it's def helping keep my immune system stronger! I might have TWO TODAY! - And lastly - I am going back to my REGULAR AB WORKOUTS where I started back in 2017 when I really got serious about my nutrition and exercise routine! I updated my website (since I had some time) and i've added a tab called "BOOTYCAMPS". I just added AN ABs BLUEPRINT - FREE 7 PAGE guide for you there if you want to go check it out!

------ If you are wondering what the hell an ABs Blueprint is? Well, I'll tell you - it's WHERE I STARTED basically. All packaged up in a little box with a bow on it. It's my SECRET SAUCE on how to even get started when you just aren't sure what to do or how to do it! So if you are like I was - I was looking for someone to tell me where to begin and what to do to even start on a NEW HEALTH AND FITNESS JOURNEY - to start changing some old habits without TOO MUCH INFORMATION at one time because - let's be honest - if it's not baby steps, i would get overwhelmed and just not do any of it........

So, this ABs blueprint might be perfect for you (GUYS AND GIRLS) if you are just looking for an easy place to get started.

If you get super confused like I used to with all the things out there telling you how to get rid of the belly bloat?!

Are you just not sure where or how to even begin?

I was completely overwhelmed honestly when I started my OLDER AGE fitness journey. I was about to turn 50 and I had this new fluffy friend around my waistline that had not been there in my prior years. I honestly wasn't doing anything different (so I thought) from my younger years but these things called CHANGING HORMONES kicked my ###!

I decided to put together a super easy to follow STARTING POINT spelled out for you - to just get started. It's total baby steps that you can implement TODAY - like right now! So, I call this my ABs Blueprint. It's an easy way to simply get started when you aren't sure where to even begin making changes.

It's a printable 7-page guide with all steps spelled out for you. You can print it out and actually write all over it - get messy with it as you start feeling better and getting rid of that belly fat!

What do you get?

-I give you 5 easy ways to speed up your 6-pack.

-I give you TIPS to a FLATTER TUMMY.

-I give you 13 easy to do -AB exercises to get started that you can actually do daily in just a few minutes from your bedside. I personally find it best to wake up and knock them out - so that it becomes a routine for you. You might want to chug some of my lemon energy drink before you do them too! (you can find that on my supplements page at

The link to get your ABs Blueprint is right here CLICK NOW!

Please share this with a friend - you can do these exercises together - challenge each other! It makes it so much more fun! OR if you want me to hold you accountable - I have a new ONLINE BOOTYCAMP starting up soon so stay tuned! Be sure to join my new WIX-APP so you don't miss my next BOOTYCAMP - we kick some booty and belly bloat! ---Gosh that was long - I guess I had a lot to say today!

I hope you have a great day friend - stay well, stay safe and tell my DADDY HAPPY BIRTHDAY today please!!!!!!!

xoxo, Heather


COLLAGEN - CLICK HERE ( I add this to my smoothie daily - you can also just drop it in water - it has zero taste and it really has made a big difference in my skin, hair and nails! It's a super fine powder form and it is so much more of a boost than the others i've tried.




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