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Best AB Hacks Ever: are you ready for some cool tips?

Well Happy Saturday! Most of the guys in my fam are watching football so I thought I'd invest some time updating my girls in my FIT GYM (join us here) with my latest hacks and tips and favorite things that help me TRY to keep those ABs in check.

First things first - If you take a look at the attached photo you'll find 5 very important ways to speed up your 6-pack. Read them and then read them again. It has to sink in, trust me - i have to read them over and over to remind myself!!

Secondly, I want to mention some fun things that help me with my workouts, esp when I travel to stay on my A game on .......and also I have just gotten some new toys for my FIT GYM at home that I know would be helpful for you!

My favorite tools: (each has clickable links to make life easier) you are welcome!

(4) Ladies weight vest (6 pounds) this is great for adding to a casual walk - it increases your workout and burns more calories!

(5) Sweet Sweat workout enhancer (smells sooooo good)

and this goes with (6) Waist Trimmer ( love this one)

(6) Fab girl 6-pack - it feeeeeeels sooooooo goood after a workout to feel tone and amazing and it smells like mint - it feels like it tightens the skin!!!! I don't know guys, i just love this stuff after my workout, bath and then THIS!!!!!

I hope you find this helpful, be sure to tag me if you use any of these tools on your social media - facebook or instagram!!

Luv ya, Heather


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