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Today we started our new ONLINE WORKOUT STUDIO, TONE. This is week 1: Beginner Level and I think it's perfect for what you might need in your life right now! YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS - especially right now while we are inside/home so much!

I've been wanting to offer my LIVE workout, exercises and TEACHINGS to friends who don't live in my town and even those WHO DO!! These workouts are all personally choreographed by me and I've made the all :10 minutes a la carte' style. It truly is my passion and I'm so honored to be able to take online studio to the next level -

F I N A L L Y!!! It took COVID to push me to actually do it after being asked for so many years. IT'S HERE!!! It's for every level of fitness too - if you need to challenge yourself, you do the workout 1-2-3 x depending on your fitness level and the TIME you might have that day. I like to do the stretch and warm up before bed - i know that sounds crazy but it's nice to start off the day and to also wind-down after A STRESSFUL DAY!!!

Please TRY IT OUT - it's only $5 to sample and see if it's for you!!! :)

What does a la carte' style mean?

Well, you get to pick and choose what workout you want to mix & match or you can follow the scheduled I've put in place to help you get TONE!!

Mondays - Warm up & Stretch :10 minutes

Tuesdays - Full Body workout :10 minutes

Wednesdays - Core & Tummy :10 minutes

Thursdays - Arms :10 minutes

Fridays - Booty & Legs :10 minutes

Saturdays - Barre Burn :10 minutes

We all start at Beginner Level I and you only advance when you are ready to Level Up. You earn points for every Level you complete IN FULL and there will be prizes and rewards along with a virtual BADGE for you to share with your friends and family if you choose to show your HARD WORK AND CONSISTENCY in getting TONE! find out more here

If you are just not sure, you can try it out for FULL DAY for just $5. This will give you access to all of week 1 video workouts that you could technically do as many times as you feel like for one day OR you could take advantage of the FULL WEEK of videos for just $5.99/min 2 week commitment.

A monthly membership with unlimited video workouts is just $9.99 (that's .33 cents a day) and IT ONLY TAKES YOU :10 MINUTES. There is also an annual membership only available this month......check out all the different plans and prices here

I always hear "I just don't have time" - I cannot workout because it's too far to drive or I forgot my workout clothes - well, I heard you and I'm here to be your PERSONAL ONLINE FITNESS INSTRUCTOR - Everyone has :10 minutes and if you feel good one day - do it once in the morning and once in the evening! You decide what you feel like doing and when - even if that's in your kitchen in your pajamas - just pull out your mobile device or laptop and login and press play for me to SHOW UP AND HELP YOU get in :10 minutes of movement!!

Again, there is no pressure at all and if it's not for you right now - please take all the time you need, but just know these workout videos will be waiting for you when you are ready.

This new TONE ONLINE STUDIO is a HUGE opportunity to improve your accountability, have 1:1 talks with me as your online FITNESS INSTRUCTOR, improve your flexibility, improve your consistency, improve your commitment to YOU and your health, improve your habits, lose inches, TONE UP FOR SURE, improve your mindset and share in all the workouts created especially for YOU! (special requests are welcome too)

read all of the FAQ HERE frequently asked questions!!!!


I ask a favor of you today - please, continue to post this all over your social media. I really want to spread the word about TONE as much as I can during this QUARANTINE season and help anyone who needs a little MOVEMENT in their life. Sharing is caring and I truly appreciate all of your support - I'd really appreciate it if you'd share with your friends and family who could benefit from exercising this way!

OH and don't forget to

you can watch the demo videos here - I try to help you with form incase you are not sure what the workouts should look like - or how to do them

Please be sure to subscribe over on YouTube - my channel needs some LOVIN' lol :)


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