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BOOKS to glitter your soul & add sparkle to your energy | THESE ARE MUST READS

Books are such a HUGE PART of my life these days! That almost sounds funny coming from the girl who HATED READING!!!

Once you figure out the TYPE OF BOOK that fits your STYLE and fills your cup with all the magic and goodness...then you learn to love it! I set a goal in 2017 to read one book a month - that was 12 for the year! I DID IT!! I'm not saying they were BIG BOOKS but - I DID IT so we recognize the WINS!!!

I started sharing some of my favorite books with my TEAM of BABES and they've sorta become an underlying theme on this blog.

Reading has become such an important part of my life. When i'm in the car, i'm usually listening to AUDIBLE BOOKS!!

When I was trying to figure out what I really wanted to do and learn how to pivot my life, reading really got me through it. I would immersed myself in MOTIVATIONAL style books & it was this form of learning therapy I guess.

When they boys were little, I would read but let's just say the content was more about being pregnant and what to expect and then we graduated to toddler books.........but since 2017 - I'VE MADE IT A NON-NEGOTIABLE now and I'm up to 2-3 books a month.

I learned that what we feed our MIND is just as important as what we feed our bodies for fuel. If you watch a bunch of #### on TV, your mind is fed just that. If you feed your mind with things that motivate you to help you grow - you might even find yourself publishing your very own book - who in the world would have ever imagined how life changing reading could be!

If you’re tired of watching the FAKE NEWZ and you need something to fill your cup and get you motivated to take your life in a new direction - or you've watched everything on Netlfix already ( LOL ), here are some books that I highly recommend. Let’s get right into it.

These are my favorites and I will continue to update this page every month with WHAT I'M READING!

Did you know that there’s a GLITTERU facebook page that’s another place I share the BOOKS I READ EACH MONTH? Just click this link and be sure to follow and like the page for updates - to join when we do another BOOK CLUB!!!

Books are such a low key theme on this blog. Reading is such an important part of my life, BOOKS MIGHT make their way to the forefront in a BOOK CLUB AGAIN!!!


So in love with Suzanne Somers ---I've always been a fan of hers and she is such an inspiration to me - "CHRISSY"!!!

I’ve read her autobiography After The Fall, & now I’m onto Keeping Secrets!!

So in general, all of Suzanne’s books are must-reads. You guys, she’s written 28 books. You can’t go wrong.

Her latest book is called A New Way To Age & it’s all about the latest holistic anti-aging methods.

She explains how no one has to age the way their parents did & getting older can still be filled with freedom, vibrancy, & health. yes!!! I freaking knew I loved her!!!

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 Heather Newman
Heather Newman
Mar 21, 2021


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