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CALLING ALL BEAUTIFUL WOMEN OVER 50++ - Look at US NOW!!! You MUST train, eat and think differently!! THERE I SAID IT!! --- Taking a walk for 30 minutes is not gonna cut it anymore.....THIS AGE CAN BE SUPER FANTASTIC but we've got to tweak (sometimes major tweaking is needed) a few KEY COMPONENTS!!! . You must force your body to do (move) WAY MORE....than ya ever thought!

This does not MEAN MORE CARDIO!! I do very little cardio, aside from the healing from the myocarditis -episode back in August 2021!! Do not be afraid to lift some weights - and YES DUMB-BELLS ARE WEIGHTS! - at this age, we lose bone density. Weight bearing exercise keeps them strong and this is how you will actually SCULPT YOUR BODY!

MUST change the way you more breads, pasta, and bakery items....these tend to raise our insulin. You can reduce the DONUT BELLY that's largely inflammation and bloat from your food. MY NEW 7 DAY SKINNY SHRED ZAPS THAT.....starts March 14th)

MINDSET - this is the MOST IMPORTANT component in your life at this age. You become what you SAY AND THINK OF YOURSELF. You are strong, confident, beautiful, lean, tone, smart, capable.....ONLY POSITIVE THOUGHTS ALOUD!!

How long does it take, Heather?

Well.....I don't typically answer this question with what you WANT TO HEAR - because I'M HONEST - I rather ask you - WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO BE DOING INSTEAD?? you are becoming your healthiest BEST time limit on this!!!!

SKINNY SHRED starts March 14......(no skinny shakes required - this is MY NEWEST SHRED PROGRAM - IT'S the BOMB) ---> WEBSITE has all the info if you want to PRE-ORDER yours today!

WE ALSO have room in our TONE VIP PROGRAM for our ALL ACCESS TO OVER 20+ PROGRAMS TO CHOOSE FROM including Nutrition plans and recipes.


Have you check out the new STORE ITEMS YET??



rock hard abs & slim waist workout

WARNING - you won't be able to laugh after this!


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