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This is kind of crazy, exciting and embarrassing all at once. To think that I made that much progress in just 21 Days! I had shared over two years ago when i was being pretty honest that I was human and had fallen off track a little.

I had just come back from Disneyland in LA and might have had one too many Mickey waffles and whatever else I felt like eating (pizza)....  I often see comments on before and afters’ saying "you looked good in the before pic."  Yes, I was feeling "ok" at that point with where I was at… but honestly, I didn't want to just be "good" I want to challenge myself and hit some new goals. Mainly for my energy level - I just felt BLAH!

I wanted to truly feel flipping OUTSTANDING! 

 Who just wants to feel OKAY anyways, right?

So I made the decision to go for something more…. Something I knew I had in me. 

I started with getting dialed in at the start of the month of AUGUST 2017 and stayed really focussed for 3 weeks.

I have to say it flew by. Not once did I feel restricted or deprived. It was all about BALANCE. 

I never wasted time weighing my food, counting points, macros or calories.

 Not once did I have to pay a personal trainer or nutritionist.

I didn't spend hours in a gym, have to pay membership fees or get confused or overwhelmed by a slew of machines… 

I just followed a system that I know works. It’s been my recipe for 2.5 years now and it’s what has truly changed my life. It’s what allows me to mayyyyybe fall off track sometimes and live a little. The fact that I can get my groove back in less than a month feels GREAT!

And all of this from home.... wait… WHAT? 

Yep, as long as I had WIFI or a DVD player/laptop handy, I was good to go! (I've since upgraded to an amazon firestick

To me, this whole journey is about Living life at your MAX… it’s about optimum health, vitality, energy and just feeling freaking fantastic every damn day! Not always about being SKINNY - there is such a thing as being skinny and unhealthy you know!

I made a commitment to love myself enough to kick my own booty. I decided that I needed to take my nutrition, my health and my fitness to the next level and I knew exactly how to do it.

And CRUSH It!!

I KNOW you can too!!! I’ve tested it, It’s proven and this is how it all works: 

Everything is done from your home and online. You don’t have to go anywhere or live in a particular city. I literally provide you with everything you need: Meal Plan, Uber Simple Portion Control, Delicious Daily Superfoods Shake, Meal prep tutorials and Daily check ins with ME , your free coach. I promise accountability, Support and endless resources.

Here's the catch, I’M ONLY ready to take on people who are READY to CRUSH it!

People who want to challenge themselves, learn, check in, change their lives and finally FEEL freaking OUTSTANDING! I’m outstretching my hand but YOU have to be COMMITTED, dedicated and willing to invest in yourself! 

If this sound like something you’re looking for, then I cannot wait to get started!!! OR IF YOU STARTED WITH ME IN THE PAST AND YOU ARE READY TO DIAL BACK IN - i'm always here for you!! Leave your Email below in the form below or shoot me an email at 



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