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clean out the icky & funky energy in :10 minutes a day | Heather Newman Fitness

One of the most positive strengths of my online studio isn’t always ABOUT looking pretty. It’s that we get to connect with each other in a very truthful way about where we are in our lives every week. With those symbols of strength we can support one another. When I decided to make my classes available weekly people felt that was going to be a very huge commitment.

I def don't get myself “ready” to shoot a perfectly produced video or perfectly pre produced content that I get time to edit etc.

You get to see the raw truth of being in class with me every week as we move through the movements together.

The truth isn’t always beautiful but the truth is what we need to know so that we can be healthy. The truth is I mess up on reps sometimes, I have some weeks where life throws me challenges or things to celebrate as we all do. The truth is that I do my part to stay in a physically healthy place. Part of being mentally and physically healthy is not allowing yourself to become energetically stuck. You can’t #getunstuck without your physical self participating in that movement of energy and thought. Many times I enter my workout stressed and exit it relieved without any outside participation with anyone else.

A huge part of my research and choreography is around you consistently cleaning out icky, funky, stuck energy. Tomorrow's Saturday Online Studio Barre Burn class is a GREAT flow of POSItive energy! You can SAMPLE the CLASS with us anytime this weekend.

How are you all feeling with the classes you chose in the Online TONE Studio this week? ♥️

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