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Fast Track your Success: I'm coaching a new method

Heather, "what is it that you actually do?" (so many ask me this and even more want to ask me but don't - they just watch and wonder)


"Mom, i'm not even really sure what you do (insert laugh)" ---


The first thought that pops into my head is "A LOT" - I'm a mom, wife, fitness instructor, health & fitness coach, author, podcast host, business owner, finance manager and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT ALL!



My #getUnstuck journey started in 2017 at the AGE 48 with the "body changes", shift in weight and NOT HAVING MUCH ENERGY at all.....I dove all into a 3-day cleanse that changed my perception of nutrition and I dropped 7 pounds in 5 days---i had to switch up my thinking, not just my habits but my thinking of what FOOD does to our bodies on the inside........I was gaining weight ironically due to the lack (less calorie mindset) of food I was actually providing to my body. - This was EYE OPENing TO ME! Ah ha moment!!! I shared it with everyone I knew and loved!


Then I began a very long journey of RESEARCH AND EDUCATION! (I am basically Sherlock Holmes if you don't know me, I WILL FIGURE IT OUT!!!) I investigate what I'm passionate about and have to know the WHY behind everything! #me

I studied and studied and studied, I took courses, I went back to school for health, fitness, nutrition and training. I did a ton of testing, more studies and DOVE INTO MY schooling as an adult - It actually felt really good to LEARN AGAIN! News flash: I will forever be a student!


So, this NEW age 50 LIFE of mine has evolved over time into a full blown business! I now have the BLESSING of sharing all the things I've learned, tried, failed at, became successful at thru experimenting on my own and learning from the BEST OF THE BEST! I have many MENTORS now who have helped me along the way and I continue to learn from.

What is it that I actually do? I embrace every season of LIFE. I have the tools to TEACH women how to SLAY limiting beliefs that are holding them back from evolving into the person they want to be! I create valuable content to share with my unique clientele who I'm just one step ahead of in this game of LIFE! I create and share resources to help "GO GETTER" & "DREAM CHASERS" get a clear vision as to what it is they actually WANT out of THEIR UNIQUE life.

It's a PROCESS! It's a METHOD! It's a system -

THIS has taken me over two years to formulate but I'm ready to begin SHARING my tools with the WOMEN who need it most! I reflect back to see how my degree in Business, Marketing, and the TONS OF PSYCHOLOGY & fitness courses have all MESHED together and are blending just perfectly! Geez, tell me the BIG GUY doesn't KNOW OUR PATH WAY BEFORE WE DO! #thankyouJesus (big smiles)

You see, what started with ME simply trying to understand and figure out the WOMEN and aging relationship of hormones vs. weight gain... has now EVOLVED into me finding a true PASSION for helping other WOMEN in a very unique and special way.

SO, I've combined BODY | MIND | BUSINESS to create my #getUnstuck Method that i'm so very excited for. It is a method that can be applied to your body, your mindset, or your business!



It's a method that teaches you to break past barriers of limiting beliefs that might have you feeling stuck or looking for something new in your life to inspire & motivate you. It's a platform for me to COACH in a private GROUP and really focus on helping WOMEN find their "COME ALIVE", that "SPARKLE", that "WOW" allows you to DREAM REALLY BIG and find THAT something that brings you joy, purpose and passion.

I understand that HEALTH & FITNESS is not everybody's JAM! It is a huge part of my LIFE and will ALWAYS continue to be, it's a lifestyle I choose and it is top priority for me and my FAM-- I continue to TEACH Barre (OF COURSE), I COACH Health & Fitness but I am closing my ONLINE FIT CLUB registration thru the end of the year and I will not be accepting anymore into that group until January 2020.

I will continue to offer 1:1 & group coaching to my shakers & LIFERS who have my undivided attention using my mobile APP and private group. If you missed out on my group coaching for 2019, we will RESET January 1, 2020 with another 365 days!!! wooop wooop!!! PUT ME ON THE LIST FOR MORE INFO FOR PHASE I


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