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Feed your Faith + Starve your Fears : Psalm 91 : Protection Prayer

I’ve received lots of messages of people asking me to help them find the right prayer for them because they are tormented with fear. I'm no prayer expert but I do try hard to read words of FAITH that help me find PEACE and calmness.

So many are extremely fearful that they could possibly have symptoms, their loved ones could have symptoms, they haven't seen their loved ones, how are they going to get food, income, etc.

Fear is what the enemy thrives on. Don't give HIM that power. FAITH IS WHAT GOD TELLS US TO HAVE.

And it starts in the mind. OUR MIND IS THE THING WE NEED TO FOCUS ON. Mindset. what we allow in! Don't obsess over the TV!

The biggest battle will be in your thought life. Go read a book. Go listen to a Podcast that is uplifting. Take an online course. Grow your mind with positive things. Go workout!

You will win it or lose it based on what is going on in your mind. What you ALLOW IN. What you FOCUS ON GROWS. Try meditation. If you are not sure how to do this, go to youtube - there are so many resources online to learn free meditation to calm your soul.

I encourage you to create your very own personalized Psalm 91 scripture to confess with you and your family: I've got mine printed and I'm writing it out every morning to find PEACE during this time of uncertainty.

Even if FAITH is not what you are used to. I encourage you to LOOK TO HIM for guidance. HE wants us to UNITE in prayer always but especially now. Open up the BIBLE, find something that speaks to you.


It's time to be confident in God's protection and provision for your life!


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