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Getting in shape shouldn't be complicated - i've made it easy for you to get started now

HOME WORKOUTS CAN BE FUN - and you can wear whatever you want! ACTUAL photo from my TONE VIP PROGRAM today....(YES.....TONE VIP PROGRAM is only .27 cents a day for all access to all workouts and since I started filming back in 2020, there are more than 400+ workouts ON DEMAND!! with modifications for every fitness level AT ANY AGE!) . SOME OF THE days we use light weights, dumbbells, bands, and YOUR BODY WEIGHT TODAY we stretched, de-stressed. released upper neck & back tension and paid extra attention to what our bodies needed! . Getting in shape shouldn't be complicated. Your bodyweight is A VERY POWERFUL TOOL, if used correctly! . Takes just 10-15-30 minutes - 4-5 days a week or less, if that suits your lifestyle best! . These workouts CAN BE TAKEN TO THE GYM too - use DB's, etc. . TONE VIP PROGRAM and THE SKINNY SHRED begin on any MONDAY that you choose - i highly recommend starting a program on a FRESH START MONDAY - using Sunday as your day to prepare your mind and body. . Who wants to think about WHAT TO DO? I KNOW I DON'T, the TONE VIP PROGRAM AND THE SKINNY SHRED PROGRAM is designed and it keeps you accountable week after week.

Not quite sure? THE TONE VIP PROGRAM IS .27 CENTS A DAY AND THE SKINNY SHRED COURSE IS ON SALE FOR $30 off for a short time only!!! Once the price goes up, it will not be offered this low again! I'm super excited to be sharing THE SKINNY SHRED for $30 off----(complete shopping, diet, and exercise routine) I show you how to make it last for a month in my private FB or email you. THE SKINNY SHRED is an evergreen course which means, it's outside of the TONE VIP PROGRAM. You can download it and do it over and over!! All are available on my website T o n e N 1 0 . c o m (link in bio too)



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