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GlitterU Blog has clickable links now on facebook: like & follow there for all the deals & finds

FOLLOW ALL THE FUN SHOPPING GOOD STUFF......OVER ON FACEBOOK NOW for all of the clickable links to the cutest finds: things I wear and snap about on my stories. I get so many messages asking about the blender I use, the makeup I wear, the shoes I found on sale, my Mickey mug, pajama pants, going out wedge shoes, skincare and hair care items. Yes, I love to shop and I share all of my links with you again like the good ole' days. I used to share these weekly here on my blog so I'm bringing the links back but we are over on the book of face - Do you follow me over there? Here is the link to CLICK THE LIKE AND FOLLOW so you don't miss the fabulous finds! Luv ya, X,HN

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