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Go Getters Wanted!


I’m very excited to be welcoming 2020 by accepting 15 new interns to my mentorship program!

I’ve found 10, and I’m still looking for 5 more!

Are you passionate about helping people accomplish their health & fitness goals, all the while working on continuously improving your own?

Fill out the form below with your email address if you would like more details & be sure to continue reading for quick a snap shot of the opportunity!

In 2017, I made it a part of my purpose to introduce & mentor a group of people to an opportunity that requires hard work but where your effort level is never taken for granted, your purpose is never questioned, your ability to grow is never stifled and your potential for making income is never capped. I can think of few jobs in the corporate world that offers those same benefits which is why I 

am so excited to share this opportunity with you now in 2020.

Here are some details:

First, what you’ll learn from me:

 How I went about building my online coaching business by committing to a cause I am truly passionate about

How I’ve grown my social media network to close to 25,000 people by focusing on adding value to people’s lives every single day

 The routine & habits that have shaped my health & fitness 

A full education on the resources that have helped me become a coach to hundreds of people across the country

What you could expect to gain:

Unlike a traditional internship, you will earn a paycheck by acting out your purpose, at first, anywhere from $100/week to $500/week; with steady growth over the following months.

You will learn habits, strategies & routines that will help you lead a healthy & fulfilling life.

You will be introduced to a group of likeminded, ambitious, health conscious and supportive people!

If this sounds too good to be true… I assure you it isn’t. This isn’t a “get rich quick” scenario, but it is an amazing opportunity … if you’re passionate about health & fitness and want to make a living in the field, let’s talk this through. This might be perfect for you.

I will email you back in 24-48 hours! I'm so excited for you!


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