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If I only had a dollar for every time I get asked about this topic. I want to give you some tips to get your butt in gear when you are just not feeling it but you have to get things done. This will work for weight loss, building a business, raising teens, marriage,...the principles will work in all areas.

There are so many people who set themselves up for failure bc they just think they cannot succeed.

We have to first look at how you will set yourself up for success..regardless of what your objective is. I see so many people who set this GOAL AND DEADLINE that is so hard to reach that they might be setting themselves up to fail without even knowing it. Sometimes there are not enough hours in the day to make some of these things have to stretch yourself yes, but you have to be realistic about it too.


If you are here today to set yourself up for weight loss and you are trying to get your family on the same page....then you have to set up your environment for success first.

You have to clean out the cabinets, pantry and fridge. Start buying healthier foods. It's impossible to succeed if all of your greatest temptations are lining the shelves of your pantry. IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

There are certain foods, i just won't buy! PERIOD! to avoid FAILING.

It's that important to me to have an environment that helps us succeed.

So let's pretend we are talking about something here that takes additional time.

It's important to organize your day and make sure you are actually structuring your TIME. We have to make sure we are managing our TIME just like we do our MONEY and other important areas of our lives.

If this is important to you (BLANK - WHATEVER IT IS)...YOU NEED to clear something off of your schedule that is LESS IMPORTANT TO YOU. ....even if that means from time to time, letting somebody down. or atleast you might feel like you are letting them down. However, more importantly, you will be taking care of YOU..... and you will be placing value on start saying YES to things that mean the world to you and your family and your goals.

Now, this probably applies to everyone - there are some days, I just don't feel like exercising.....we should all try to get our heart rate up every day. It makes us nicer, we feel better, we can move easier, ..... even if it's moderate....I want you to try and exercise 5-7 days a week. It doesn't have to be perfect - if your goal is 7, and you hit 5-6 you are rocking it!! Make it a goal to exercise a min of 5 times a week and see how you do.

ON the days i'm not feeling it, i'm tired, i want to just lay down...... and i know i'm not wanting to workout......

  1. I set my alarm and I place my phone in a position where I have to get up to get it to stop the alarm...i have to get up.

  2. on the days when i workout mid day or 9am...... or 4pm a walk and 4pm rolls around and i want to continue working and skip my workout - I HAVE A GO TO PLAYLIST....... this is a playlist i use to pUMP ME UP - it makes me excited - its' not the one i workout's random and crazy and eclectic but they get me ready to go walk, run or workout. It's my emergency playlist.

  3. this one works when all else fails........JUST PROMISE YOURSELF TO DO 10 MINUTES THAT'S IT......if you don't feel like moving after 10 minutes, call it quits....but if you are getting in the groove....go with it - getting started is the hardest step you'll take.

I've been coaching for years and what I found for those who didn't have THE CLICK YET--the flip of the switch.......everyone reaches the stage at a different flip and you see exercise as a NEED TO it's nothing you dread but you find it regulates your mood.....what helps people flip the switch and identify with the way you feel once you're done....and not dreading doing the workout - you get focussed on HAVING MORE ENERGY, MORE PATIENCE, MORE IN CONTROL, if you focus on all of those things........instead of the workout sucking...... - you focus on what you feel like when you are done - that is how people flip the switch.

If you are looking for the motivation to EAT RIGHT - I recommend keeping a folder of photos....desktop, folder, wherever for YOU - not publicly. It's for you only. It's not about DIET but it's being focussed on HEALTH. Feeling better -

Fill the folder with BODY PHOTOS of yourself when you felt better or of realistic photos of healthy body images for your body type..... let that be your inspo. If that's your GOAL.... keep a reminder close by to help you stay focussed on your north star. Be realistic and also take note of the way you want to feel. HEALTHY, HAPPY, ETC.


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