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POP QUIZ: How many days a week should you exercise (MOVE YOUR BODY WITH INTENTION) to have more energy? . . 1. Did you know that intentional aerobic activity helps to keep your heart and lungs strong? . 2. Did you know that exercise helps increase white blood cell production which helps fight infection? . 3. Did you know that :20 minutes of outdoor activity daily dramatically improves mood and sleep? . 4. Did you know that outdoor activities increase Vitamin D production naturally? .

5. Did you know that you don't need a gym membership to get in great shape? . 6. Did you know that most common causes of death are preventable with lifestyle change? .

7. Did you know that people who exercise on a regular basis report less anxiety and depression? . 8. Did you know weight bearing exercise increases bone density?

. 9. Did you know that energy begets energy! If you need more energy - EXERCISE. Adding variety to your workouts prevents plateaus!

All movement is considered exercise - EVEN A GAME OF HOPSCOTCH - try it! Find your JOY and only exercise on the days you want to find JOY or on the days you want to be in a good mood!

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