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POP QUIZ: How many days a week should you exercise (MOVE YOUR BODY WITH INTENTION) to have more energy? . . 1. Did you know that intentional aerobic activity helps to keep your heart and lungs strong? . 2. Did you know that exercise helps increase white blood cell production which helps fight infection? . 3. Did you know that :20 minutes of outdoor activity daily dramatically improves mood and sleep? . 4. Did you know that outdoor activities increase Vitamin D production naturally? .

5. Did you know that you don't need a gym membership to get in great shape? . 6. Did you know that most common causes of death are preventable with lifestyle change? .

7. Did you know that people who exercise on a regular basis report less anxiety and depression? . 8. Did you know weight bearing exercise increases bone density?

. 9. Did you know that energy begets energy! If you need more energy - EXERCISE. Adding variety to your workouts prevents plateaus!

All movement is considered exercise - EVEN A GAME OF HOPSCOTCH - try it! Find your JOY and only exercise on the days you want to find JOY or on the days you want to be in a good mood!

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I DO DRINK A FULL GLASS OF UNICORN JUICE WITH EVERY WORKOUT (AND TO GET THRU THE LAUNDRY PILES) - it's my favorite healthy version of MAGIC! I mix the lemon and the berry and add a bit of EMERGEN-C rasberry with some collagen - it's delicious and it helps me focus and stay on course - PLUS GIVES ME ALL THE ENERGY I NEED! It even helps curb cravings and helps me get in my water intake so it's a true WIN WIN and a must have for me daily -

You can try some for

yourself here -----> CLICK HERE FOR ENERGIZE


Every morning I pull out my Unleash Journal to express 3 things (jot them down) that I am grateful for. This sets the tone for the day and helps keep me in a good mood. The Daily Unleash Journal was created with a NO FLUFF idea of getting the MORNING MAGIC DONE following the easy BIG SPACES TO BRAIN DUMP out your day and pencil in your WORKOUT TIME so you make sure to put yourself (and your health - mental and physical) have to make you a priority. Just like we work out our bodies, we have to work on our mental well being too) it's a daily choice. Have you tried the Unleash Journal yet?


WE JUST STARTED OUR 14 DAY TONE UP CHALLENGE AND WE ARE REALLY ENJOYING HAVING SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO MOVING OUR BODIES FOR :!0 MIN A DAY - EVERYTHING IS LAID OUT FOR YOU INCLUDING EVERYTHING YOU SEE HERE BELOW - I would love for you to join me today - it's only $9.99 and you get a full workbook and all the workouts laid out for you along with a FULL TOOLBOX and a support group to help PUSH YOU ALONG.


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