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How to speak PSALM 91 over your family: I'm praying for you during this pandemic!

As a friend, I want you to know that my family and I are in Louisiana praying for you during this pandemic.

I know you've probably heard people say "PSALM 91" and you see people on social media commenting about "Psalm 91" in reference to our safety and protection during the COVID-19 pandemic.... But so many don't actually know what that means or how to apply it to their I am sharing a little Psalm 91 worksheet with you incase you want to try it.  I know for so many - it gives THEM HOPE & PEACE and a sense of CALMNESS. I don't want to offend anyone by sending this.  If it's not for you - I am sorry to pop up in your inbox but I know most of my friends believe as I do and have strong FAITH. I hope to bring you and your family great peace, encouragement and cause your faith to rise. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR PSALM 91 WORKSHEET CLICK HERE TO GET 6 QUICK SCRIPTURES TO READ AND OR WRITE DAILY DURING THIS PANDEMIC.... xoxo, Heather


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