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How to stop putting things off: stop procrastinating | Heather Newman Fitness

This is NOT the time to neglect your health. It is the time to hone in on enhancing your immune system through daily exercise, and not panic to where your health is jeopardized. While I empathize with everyone that would prefer to CHILL OUT and veg on the the face of all the STRESS AROUND US THESE DAYS.....(trust me, i find myself wanting to just STOP TOO).... that isn't the way our systems scientifically work though! Doing the honest work in rather tense periods of time is positive for your health short and long term even if it seems to take a lot of initial effort for little return. So whether you've been on a journey with me for years, or starting today at home, this is not the time for us to PRESS THE SNOOZE BUTTON! It's a time for us to move together and stay strong. Wishing you all a healthy and safe weekend.....If you are still isolating at home with me, you can get started at a very beginner entry level at today - one week is only $5 Click below to subscribe to the blog and learn so much more.....about how to STOP PUTTING THINGS OFF!

If you struggle with procrastination and have the motivation to make the most of every minute, these tips can help.


Sometimes, we put off certain things because they seem too big to tackle. By taking a few minutes to create a plan of action, breaking the task down into manageable bites, the large tasks we have been dreading suddenly get smaller and easier to process.

Go a step further and schedule the tasks in a calendar: Setting calendar alerts to prompt you to start the next step will keep you on the right track.

I HIGHLY recommend this book if you haven't read it yet!

just Get Started

Often, the only barrier to getting a task done is simply getting started. Tell yourself aloud, “Ok, let’s start this,” then do it without making any excuses. Sometimes, it can be that easy—just ignore the looks you might get from anyone near you during your little pep talk! JUST TAKE ACTION - STOP BEING LAZY. STOP MAKING EXCUSES. Dig deep. Only you can find the MIND POWER to get working on it!

Add Value

Think about why you should get a task done. What will it mean for your career? or What will it add to your life? or confirming the value for an activity can give the boost you need to tackle it.

If you have a tough time committing a value to a particularly thing you really don't want to-do, look at the cost of not getting it done instead. Missed deadlines can mean a missed payday, or even a future business failure. This can make a difficult task seem a lot less evil! THERE IS NOT TIME LIKE THE PRESENT. We are never promised tomorrow. Live every day as if it could be your last and your procrastination habits will STOP! CHANGE THE WAY YOU LOOK AT TASKS. You are LUCKy and blessed TO BE ABLE to actually do the things you don't feel like doing. Think of others who are sick and not physically able maybe....count your blessings, suck it up and just do it. Don't be lazy. Stop being lazy.

Add Accountability

Make yourself accountable to the task by announcing to someone that you will have it finished by a certain time. Adding accountability provides an extra layer of motivation to complete the work on time because, as humans, we dislike the thought of other people knowing when we have failed. We do this on the daily in my fitness accountability group! You can join us there anytime if you feel you need a fitness accountability partner or tribe to have your back!


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Squash Unproductive Thoughts

Fear of failure? Feel things need to be perfect? Not feeling in the mood? Listen to your inner voice and kill any thoughts that sound like excuses. Excuses aren’t a valid reason to put something off, but they can very effectively kill your productivity. To turn them around, learn to doubt your doubts.

Remove Distractions

Imagine how boring it would be to procrastinate if you didn’t have anything to distract yourself with! Putting things off usually happens because we’ve found something else to do. Like the things we like to a cool email and Facebook. So get rid of or block any distractions that might knock your momentum off course.

Keep a tidy workspace in an area that’s away from your most loved distractions and use tools to help you stay focused. Apps like Freedom can temporarily block time-wasting websites. Before you get started, also make sure you have everything you need, so you don’t have to wander away from your workspace and risk temptation.

And finally, REWARD YOURSELF - give yourself a little reward for getting the THING DONE!



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