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I used to be THAT GIRL !

I use to be that girl.... The one that would live for the weekends... and couldn't wait for Friday and couldn't stand Monday.

I can remember a time when I just felt so freaking lost and only had time off to look forward to.  I had this overwhelming feeling of just constantly floating through life and going through the same motions day in and day out. . . One day , after over a year of floating, feeling stuck, sad , worthless and knowing there HAD to be more... I found ME again!

I made a decision to find happy - I made a decision to work on my relationship with God. I made a decision that I would plan my life the way I wanted it to be instead of just floating by day by day -

I knew going out drinking every weekend wasn't my cup of tea - never was but I did it to try and fit in (looking back) because that's what all my friends did - so I just thought that's what you do - (DUH)


It can ALL change in a matter of seconds. EVERYTHING! The moment you realize your worth and purpose. The moment you decide what you want and never let anything get in your way.

It might take over a year to get there but a DECISION is made in an instant. 

When do you say I’m DONE.... this is Happening.. I’m not living like this anymore... I’m worth more than this.... it’s ENOUGH. .

Stop waiting for Friday Stop waiting for the summer  Stop waiting for your next getaway Stop waiting for permission  Stop waiting for the perfect moment  Stop waiting To LIVE your LIFE . I started to think... What if everyday could feel like a Friday ?

What if I could feel happy every season? What if we could travel anytime I wanted to? What if I took a leap of faith? What if I bet on ME this time? What if I finally stopped waiting and just started?

Happiness occurs when you STOP waiting for something to happen .. when you stop constantly looking forward to the NEXT time and you START making the most of EXACTLY where you are right now ... even if it’s in the worst place you’ve ever been... because this could all lead to you saying No More.....

I'm linking all the goodies from my video yesterday here for you - ENJOY!

Minnie Big Bow Headbands - a Disney must have (or EARS)

Pink amazing awesome Ear Buds for 1/3 the price of the iphone kind and these are so much cuter because they are pink

Essential Oils that make you feel like your are in a SPA in the MIDDLE EAST--Bamboo is my favorite of this bunch!


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