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I've got some big Q's for you!!

Being on the cusp of a brand new year feels.....AMAZING!!! YA KNOW!!!

I fully believe it's the start of a brand new spankin' TIME TO REFLECT on where you've been and make sure you thank yourself for getting this far!

So let me be the one to ask you - friend to friend..

what's happening next?

how are you going to get there?

what have you learned from any failures?

who are your supporters?

Well, I'm here to be your virtual COACH for 2020 and to start it off right, I've opened up an ONLINE FIT GYM for accountability & support to help you get started and stay on track! I've never opened up my NOLA FIT GYM for free but for 2020: my goal is to help as many people as I can - I want to touch your life in a way that nobody has before with my guidance, team and community so that you can see exactly how we all stay on track during the hard times and how we keep each other motivated.

It's a safe place so be sure you read the rules before requesting to join in!

We are all hitting the Reset button tomorrow - there is NO TIME like the now - ONE DAY IS NOT A DAY!!!!

Ready for a fresh start? I know you are or you wouldn't be on my list!

Lets do this. Who’s serious about your dreams & dumbbells in 2020?

This new ONINE FIT GYM will start tomorrow!! You will be required to answer a few questions upon entry!!! I WILL be the only one who see's your request to join and I'll know that you are serious about your health and nutrition. In the group, i'll give you all the answers to the questions you have and introduce you to options to the tools that have been my GO TO for the past 2.5 years!!! Let's live a healthy, fun, happy life together and stop the YO-YO!!!

👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼✨ If you are ready to hit your best 2020 you are welcome to join us!!! Dream bigger. Sparkle brighter.✨


If you want to schedule a free 1:1 assessment - fill out this form so we can take a deeper look into making a PLAN that is customized for here


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