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Important Updates Regarding Beachbody: My Stand and Our Path Forward

Dear Team NOLA FIT (my Supplement Team), I hope this message finds you well. It's been quite a journey since we embarked on this path together, and I want to take a moment to address some important changes that have unfolded over the past year (or even longer). While I haven't felt the need to discuss this until now, I believe it's essential to have an open conversation. Back in August 2017, I made the decision to partner with a performance line of products after years of thorough research. My goal was to bridge the gap in nutrition supplements by offering a safe, healthy, clean, and nutritious meal and supplement line that I personally used and wholeheartedly believed in. Products like Energize and Shakeology have been my daily go-tos, and I stand behind their quality and effectiveness 100%. However, I've noticed that the company is moving in a direction that doesn't align with my values and principles. The shift seems to prioritize business sustainability over its original identity as a HEALTH AND FITNESS industry leader. Instead, it appears to be positioning itself as a recruiting-focused company that aims to help others. Don't get me wrong; I am passionate about helping others achieve their health and wellness goals – it's the core of what I stand for and dedicate my life to. But I've grown concerned about the messaging and actions that no longer seem aligned with this mission. If a company genuinely believes in the effectiveness of its products, then why the emphasis on recruitment, structured in a pyramid-style ranking system, often referred to as MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)? My question lies in understanding why the focus is shifting toward recruitment, rather than allowing the products to speak for themselves. If our focus is on HEALTH AND WELLNESS and helping others in their fitness and nutrition journeys, why should we be so preoccupied with recruiting individuals under others, benefiting those at the top at the expense of lower-level recruits? This does not align with my personal beliefs, integrity, or morals. I wanted to clarify my stance on this conduct and competition, as transparency is crucial. My suggestion moving forward is to ensure that your coaches and trainers are genuinely certified and insured, rather than just claiming to know what's best for you. Their guidance should always be rooted in your best interests, not motivated by the income they receive from recruiting others. I want to emphasize that I continue to use and recommend these supplements because they have genuinely changed my life for the better. However, I also believe in offering a variety of supplements tailored to individual needs. My mission remains to help those who genuinely need assistance on their health and wellness journey, without focusing on promoting a rank or accumulating recruits in a downline. Thank you for understanding my perspective, and I look forward to continuing our journey together. I own all of the rights, workouts, programs, certifications, CEU's, licensing etc inside of where I train on a very personal level with your goals at the top of my priority list. I hope you'll join me there as for your HEALTH & FITNESS & NUTRITION needs. Warm regards, Heather


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