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It doesn't matter what you look like on the outside if you are not happy with yourself on the inside.....

When I was in college (about age 18) I was 98 pounds, controlling everything I ate, obsessed with the scales and counting calories.....

I thought being skinnier would make me happy, confident and I would LOVE MYSELF

You see, at the time, I just didn't LOVE MY BODY. Looking back, I was really hard on myself - I ask myself WHY -today as I reflect but for whatever reason I was caught in this matrix of skinnier is better, skinnier is prettier and not once did I even consider HEALTH OR HEALTHY - why, because I was 18 - i never thought about that - why should I - I was young and no issues that I knew of right.

Do the work on YOU before you seek outside validation - this is a lesson that i've learned over many many years - trapped inside of a BODY. i wanted to be changed, fixed and like something else I had in my vision for myself. I even thought I'd be taller - like I had any control over that!@#$%^ lol Geez - I was so clueless as to what really needed to happen.

Looking back at my younger self I can honestly say I am proud of myself for where I am today and it has not been easy.......I have PUT IN THE WORK thru the years and I can finally admit - i was in a BAD SOCIETY OPINIONATED MATRIX -

I have taken courses, gone to events, read books and most importantly taken ACTION to change thru the years and continue learning to grow and work on myself - ON THE INSIDE!!!

This is why I love so much our challenge for this month.......

The guide is packed full of tools to help you feel great from the inside, steps to build your confidence and the best products for healthy nutrition and feeling amazing.

The guide is there, now you just get to take the ACTION FOR YOURSELF!!

click here now and let's do this - no more excuses - you've been making way too many for too long

This life changing guide can be yours in a matter of seconds.....see you in today's LIVE WORKOUT....

Love ya, stay strong and love yourself first!!!!



if the clickable links are not working, please refresh the page - having website issues worked on! PINK LINKS ABOVE!


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